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Text Cut: Aurora
Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post
For the second time in a short span of minutes she acted like a teenager, again. So embarrassing. She didn’t know this man, they were still practically strangers and she was already making it clear to him that she hated mushrooms. Oh sweet crups, where was this leading? Aurora had no business saying what Mr dashing could or couldn’t eat. She really needed to end this conversation and go pick up her son from the school train before she said something she’d regret even more.

Feeling her cheeks flush red with embarrassment she babbled out. “I don’t like the smell or texture of raw fish. It's just icky.” Aurora did her best to ignore that he was laughing at her. "Plus, I have few good memories of eating sushi." Don’t ask her for more information about that. She wasn’t going to provide that on the first date meeting in a train station.

Looking up at the train station clock, she made big eyes at the time. Woops, her son was most likely wondering where she was. Turning her eyes and attention to the man again, she accepted the slip of paper from him with a still flushed smile "I’ll promise to owl you later in the week when I’ve made dinner reservations somewhere." Opening her big purse, Aurora let the paper slip down on top of a million other things before looking up again. "I’m late to pick up my son from the school train." Starting to push her trolley forwards and away from Mr Dashing as she called over her shoulder. “Teddy….My name is Aurora…Goodbye!” And with that she left the busy station to go to platform 9 .

He watched the paper with his information on it disappear into her bag and wondered if she really would send an owl. Perhaps she was just pandering to him. After all it wasn't like she knew him. But, he sort of had the impression she might be interested in getting to know him. Perhaps this trip wasn't going to be so terrible after all.

Well, so long as she really did owl. If she didn't? Well, then it would be the exact type of trip he had been expecting.

So Pretty Eyes had a pretty name! And she clearly was one who liked to have the last word. It was probably the 'mom' in her. He chuckled and waved a hand at her as he watched her walk off. "I look forward to hearing from you Aurora!" he called after her. Just in case she needed a little extra nudge to actually send that owl.

And then he heard train whistle again and found himself mentally cursing at himself. He needed to get moving or else he would miss his train. As he started off to platform 7 1/2 he was clearly limping and trying his best to hurry.
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