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SPOILER!!: Individual replies are under the cut! (please pretend they weren't crossed out the first time ty for your cooperation, big sigh.)
SPOILER!!: Ashley Fox
Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
This was one of Ash's favorite classes. And teachers. Plus, Schmoe stood up for them, so he deserved at least some respect. "Hello, Schmoe." That rhymed. "Fist bump?" She held out her hand. And no, she was not going to sit down until she received a fist bump. "I hope we get s'mores." She didn't even like s'mores. But they made her feel like she was around a campfire with her friends, and she enjoyed that feeling.

Finneas was glad to see Ashley back for another year at Hogwarts despite everything that she had faced last term. It was a true testament to her resilience. It also brought him a sense of relief - his muggleborn students hadn’t lost all hope in wizardkind. Though it may be a small glimmer, it was a glimmer nevertheless. They could work with that. Er, well, Finneas would be trying his best to, at least.

”Hullo, Ms. Fox,” he offered her in greeting, reaching out his fist for one of those bumps, so to speak. See? Schmoe could be hip and cool with the times. ”I can’t make any promises, but… er, stay tuned.” In other words, yes, there would be s’mores. Not right away, of course. There was still a lesson to be had before they got there.

SPOILER!!: Blake Ryan
Originally Posted by love-for-HP View Post
Blake had in fact seen all the notices for muggle studies class so he had made his way to the grounds.

"Professor" Blake said smiling and taking a seat on the ground stretching his legs out rather than sitting on the logs. He was kind of excited to start fires - at least that's what he thought they were doing.

”Er,” he bobbed his head in greeting. ”Good day, Mr. Ryan.” Blake was always one of his more consistent students. Finneas admired his resolve. Hopefully he wouldn’t be disappointing the Slytherin. Because. Uh. Learning how to start fires was not exactly in the agenda today. Perhaps he could pocket this idea for another time though. Perhaps, perhaps.

SPOILER!!: Noah Mordaunt
Originally Posted by Stefan View Post
Technically, as an elective class, Noah didn't have the need to take Muggle Studies that term, but because he still hasn't figured out what he wanted to do with his life, he thought he might as well collect as many OWL scores as possible and then wing it from there.

The fifth year had to take an u-turn as he remembered that for the day's MS class, it was to happen on the grounds, and by the looks of it, they'd be making fire... by hand. Ah. Poor muggles and their poor ways. "Hello Professor Shmoemeister, sir." a nod and a casual salute was offered to the man, as he took a spot beside an older student, Blake. "'Sup, mate?" Noah took the Slytherin's cue and he too sat on the ground.

The firepit was turning out to be quite the unintentional red herring, but Finneas was none the wiser. ”Hello, Student Mordaunt, sir,” he offered, mirroring the salute right back to the young Gryffindor. Heh. The jokes. Finneas still had them, despite everything.

SPOILER!!: Minj- no wait. Daniel Yoon
Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
Uh…. the first year had arrived at the muggle studies classroom only to be greeted with an empty classroom and it took a moment for him to remember that class was going to be held outside for today.

This was why he was RUNNING through the corridors and over the grounds . Noticing a large fire pit in the distance, the hufflepuff squinted his eyes to see if the professor standing near it was the muggle studies professor and when he realized that he was he ran again until he had reached the place.

”He-“ breeeeaaaathe ”Lo Profes” he hunched over and began coughing loudly as he tried to catch his breath. ”sor”

He had to sit down. Which was exactly what he did as he moved to one of the large tree trunks near the fire.

Finneas had been keeping an eye on Mr. Daniel Yoon, just as a former student had asked him to. But, er, he hadn’t had the time to invite the young first year to his office yet and he wasn’t sure how to do so without …….. Looking terribly suspicious. Perhaps he would write to Minjae in order to inquire about this. As it was, however, he simply smiled at the young Hufflepuff. ”I hope you didn’t have to run, Mr. Yoon,” He said knowingly, wondering just how much he resembled his older brother. Finneas supposed he’d find out soon enough.

SPOILER!!: Kaira Parker
Originally Posted by Sangeetha View Post
Kaira walked into the class. Gosh, wasn't she excited? Outdoor classes, funnnnn!! The fire pit looked promising! Never a boring day at Hogwarts!

'Hey Professor! How have you been?,' she asked cheerfully after taking a seat near the fire pit.

Finneas was glad to see that there were some students who still felt enthusiastic about the subject. Or, er, at least about showing up to class. ”I’ve been well, thank you,” he replied with a twitchy bob of the head. ”And errr… And yourself?”

SPOILER!!: Dahlia Jane Donovan
Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
There wasn't anyway that the notices Professor Schmoe had put up had gone missed by her. Not to mention he was her Head of House so clearly she knew all about his upcoming lesson. It was also on her schedule and in her special book that was charmed to alert of lessons. The only thing she needed to work on with that.. was where the lesson was being held. In this case however she already knew. Outside.

Dahlia had given herself more than enough time to get to where the lesson was being held out on the grounds. "Good afternoon, Professor." She managed a soft smile before taking a seat on one of the logs near the fire pit, setting her bag down on the ground at her feet.

Finneas did his best to give Dahlia a comforting smile as she approached the fire pit. ”Hullo, Ms. Donovan,” his heart still hurt for the first years from last term. Hopefully they did not take many of the anti-muggle teachings to heart.

SPOILER!!: Nemesis Upstead
Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
Joy of joys. A late afternoon class; as if they hadn't done enough mixing with the rabble for one day. Most of the time, Nem could deal, even got a kick out of it, but this was just one of those days where their tolerance for others (not at a very promising level to begin with) was stretched to its limit from the word 'go'. They'd considered dropping this class entirely - one look at the schedule was enough, given they only originally took Muggle Studies for the benefit of Schmoe's company anyway, and had a project or four they could be working on during this time - but many of the other students seemed to be enjoying Nem's company almost as much as Nem enjoyed theirs. And who were they to deprive anyone.

The 'when', the 'who', and the 'where' were covered, and as for the 'bring'... two out of three would have to do. Maybe one and a half.

Nem strode up to the group gathering around the unlit fire pit, affording Schmoe an almost inaudible "Schmoe," of greeting as they passed him, taking note of the seating arrangements and swiftly discounting every option. They moved off to stand in a space set slightly back from the tree trunks, so they had a clear view of the class, the professor, the castle, and the others who were still arriving. And the fire pit. Obviously.

Finneas was not sure how to receive the next student, his hesitance quite clear in the way he bobbed his head in greeting. As Finneas watched Nemesis move off to stand behind one of the tree trunks, he couldn’t help but feel… a certain level of guilt, among a myriad of other things.

Finneas had heard certain things regarding Nemesis’ involvement in the third wizarding war of course, but the noodleman couldn’t help but wonder if he played an indirect part in the decisions that the Slytherin had made. Had he given more attention to Nem, would circumstances have been the same? As educators, was this not their job? It, er, wasn’t something Schmoe could ever know for sure.

SPOILER!!: Emmerson Cambridge
Originally Posted by DaniDiNardo View Post
Muggle Studies had become....a weird class.

Like.....a really weird class. All the memories of the past term, the conflicting views, the things she was no longer allowed to say, Professor Schmoe in all his nervous glory, all these things and more left Emmerson Cambridge not knowing how to act again. Someone needed to give her a handbook--not the regular school one, but one for navigating this new, tense climate.

"Here Professor, I thought you could use some bread from the Great Hall as a picker upper." She said, coming to a stop before the man. "Makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside like the world is okay because it's soooo good." She'd already had some during lunch.

Here in the great outdoors with a bunch of people she wasn't particularly interested, Emm made the obvious choice. She moved to stand by Nem. Lots of kids were giving them weird and mean looks lately. On some level, she could relate.

"I have extra bread if you want it." She offered her f r i e n d helpfully. Outcasts had to stick together and while she wasn't NEARLY as big a pariah as Nem had made themselves, people liked bringing up her actions over the last year, too. Some people were just so obsessed with her that they talked her even when she wasn't there. Must be boring having such a petty life.


Emmerson’s arrival pulled Finneas out of his thoughts as he found himself face to face with delightfully aromatic bread. ”Er, thank you, Ms. Cambridge,” he chuckled uncomfortably. ”But er, I’m afraid I’m stuffed.”

He shook his head to gently deny the offer, before watching as she turned to stand next to Nemesis.

This was… concerning. Perhaps Finneas needed to divert some more of his attention her way as well.

SPOILER!!: Kale Trent
Originally Posted by pundantic View Post
The only Professor at this school worth ANYTHING after last term was Schmoe, in Kale Trent's humble estimation. All the others had abandoned the students to Rosier and his goons, and no, Kale did not forgive them. He didn't care that the Professors peddled some lame excuse that they were biding their time and it wasn't safe and blahblahblah. While they waited for an opening to defy Rosier, kids suffered.

And Kale didn't forgive them for any of it.

But Schmoe, sweet baby Schmoe, had tried. He'd fought back. He'd been schmoe much better than his colleagues and Kale was a B I G fan. So he was hyped when he saw the notices for Muggle Studies. No way he was going to forget to show up.

With a bit of a bounce, perhaps performative in nature as the castle was still super triggering, Kale smiled at Schmoe as he joined the Muggle Studies class on the grounds. "Evening, Professor."

Finneas greeted Kale with a warm smile that ultimately may not have reached his eyes. ”Good evening, Mr. Trent. As, er, as always, it is good to see you.” It really was. Especially after having thought he may never see the boy young man again. His heart went out to Kale Trent, it really did.

SPOILER!!: Avalon Sinclair
Originally Posted by Fireheart View Post
Avalon never would have expected that Muggle Studies—of all classes—would be the one she was most looking forward to this year. It wasn't exactly because of the subject matter. No, while she enjoyed learning about Muggles, she really elected to take the course again because of Professor Schmoe. As bizarre as her Head of House was, she loved him nevertheless. And she was so relieved that the Neo-Alliance was no longer here to wreak havoc on his class.

As she made her way across the grounds, she almost wanted to hug him. But he still looked a little nervous, and she didn't want to freak him out. So she settled for a big smile as she took a seat on one of the tree trunks next to Dahlia. "Hi, Professor Schmoe." Avalon glanced at the firepit, then back to the castle. Merlin, she hoped they weren't going to be singing campfire songs. Unless there were s'mores involved. Then she might be able to make an exception.

Finneas was relieved to see yet another one of his most promising students return for another year. Ms. Sinclair always set such a wonderful example for her peers, he was ever grateful that she chose to take muggle studies again after last term. ”Ms. Sinclair, hullo,” he smiled.

SPOILER!!: Charlotte Rivers
Originally Posted by siriusblackliveson View Post
She didn't want to do this class. She supposed it was all an elective for her OWLs but seriously, after last term why would she want to worry about being ousted for not being pure in Wizarding blood. She tried to flounce the worry right off her back but seriously this term was harder and harder to deal with. Coming closer to the fire pit that she wouldn't mind having around full time she smiled, "Hello Professor." Come on He was a super nice person and he deserved all the kindness.

Finneas hoped that her feelings regarding the class would change over time, it was just horrible that so many of his students no longer felt they belonged, even more so that he had something to do with it. Finneas understood what it felt like not to belong. And, er, to perpetrate these feelings… Not Good. ”Welcome to class, Ms. Rivers.”

SPOILER!!: Ingrid Luck
Originally Posted by aRogueOne View Post
Being out the fresh air really felt like a blessing today. Ingrid had a wide smile on her as she strode through the grounds, her long hair billowing behind her like a dark curtain as she made her way towards where her Muggle Studies lesson was being held today.

“Hello Professor. You look…er…happy this evening?” She never quite knew how to describe her Muggle Studies professor because he always seemed so awkward. Like when you’re in the same room as your parents and they kiss or something and you just can’t stand looking because it’s disgusting. Okay, maybe that was being a little dramatic, partly because she’d never actually had that problem to begin but that was besides the point.

“Do you need a hand lighting the firepits Professor?” she asked politely, a small smile on her face as she made her way towards the other students, not really expecting him to need any help at all. By the looks of it, they were most likely making S’mores or some other muggle type thingy. Not wanting to stand, the youngest Luck placed her backpack up against a log and then sat down around the firepit, her eyes on the grounds around them. What were the chances that a creature would sniff out any of the treats that Schmoe had obviously prepared for them and came to investigate? One could only hope.

It was good to see his students smile. It was really, really good. Though his smile was a little (read: very) awkward, he did feel happy, er… Happier. That was a start, at least. ”As do you, Ms. Luck,” he bobbed his head.

As for lighting the smile, he shook his head, but gave her a knowing look. ”Not yet, we’ll… Er. We won’t be needing it quite yet.”

SPOILER!!: Margaret Turov
Originally Posted by Waddles View Post
Class outside was one of Mamie's favorite things. Soup, outside, and flying. Not in that order. She was grinning broadly by the time she got to pit? Were they camping? If so, she would ace this Muggle Studies class.

She liked camping.

"Hello, Professor Schmoe!" she said brightly before taking a sit on one of the logs, making sure to leave room in case Ashley or anybody else wanted to sit by her.

It was good to see smiling students, especially the ones that were subject to so much hardship last term and the one preceding it. ”Hullo, Ms. Turov,” he bobbed his head in greeting, limbs twitching as he watched her take a seat amongst her peers.

SPOILER!!: Evan Nam
Originally Posted by Chelliephone View Post
Muggle Studies was his favorite class now, for obvious reasons, and the fact it was close to the end of another day and outside was even better. Evan hadn't forgotten where to go, if only because he'd been kind of looking forward to it all day. As he approached, he could see the large trunks, and the fire pit which... very much looked like they were having a some type of camp out. The sight made him nostalgic for home and for the previous summer.

But what didn't fit with the camping theme, was the whiteboard that looked very out of place. But obviously for a class, it was necessary, so it was the quiet reminder that this was a class and should still be taken somewhat seriously.

Approaching the group, Evan gave his head of house a polite nod and a "Good afternoon, sir." before finding himself a spot as well to sit. He could see a lot of his fellow year mates, as well as some other familiar faces, but decided against sitting on one of the logs with anyone in case some of the youngers wanted those seats. So instead, he also found himself a free spot on the ground and lowered himself criss cross applesauce, pulling his bag into his lap just in case he'd need to pull out pen and paper for notes.

Still quite twitchy, Finneas attempted to busy himself by organizing his things. Giving himself a focus usually helped. He only looked up upon the arrival of yet another one of his students. ”Hullo, Evan,” he greeted the young Ravenclaw with a warm smile. The warmest he could muster. Evan Nam belonged here just as much as any other person did, regardless of magical heritage.

SPOILER!!: Claudine Blaze
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
It was that time of the afternoon for Muggle Studies and Claudine made her way out to the Lake. She knew she hadn’t gotten the venue mixed up since there was a large firepit as Schmoe had said there would be. And there was the man himself. The sixth year looked hard at him as she approached. It was hard to forget the image of him occasionally twitching at the Feast. Was he still twitching now? He was. Poor Schmoe.

“Hello, Professor,’’ Claudine greeted warmly and with a genuine smile on her face. She started to walk past him to take a seat but then paused, debating with herself. There was an inward battle of words tossing in her mind. “I’m happy that you’re happier now.’’ With the words finally out of her mouth, she hurried away without waiting for a reply. Being all mushy and feelsy out in public was not Claudine Blaze but you know what? Her words to Schmoe about him being happier were sincere. After all, it hadn't been forgotten that the man had been one of her rescuers at the end of the last school year.

Claudine eyed Blake Ryan and Noah. Was sitting on the ground allowed? With a mental shrug, she headed the two boys’ way. “Blake. Noah.’’ She sank to the ground beside her Housemate, sitting cross legged. “Your hair looks better with jam in it,’’ the sixth year told Blake nonchalantly.

Finneas tried to mirror Claudine’s smile with a warm one of his own. The warmth was easy, trying to keep his awkward mannerisms out of it was a little harder.

”Hello,” he bobbed his head as she--Oh. Er. Uh.

Her words brought a brilliant flood of color upon his face and errr… Uh. Ah… He only managed an urgent “thank you,” as she walked away.

SPOILER!!: Misa Couture
Originally Posted by LilFox06 View Post
Misa was here for a very specific reason. After last year... she was hoping that this would just make her feel a little closer to the muggle world. She needed that.

But she was also nervous about what this would be like after the previous year. She'd heard about some of the things that happened and she couldn't help but feel bad for the Professor. Poor guy.

"Hello, Professor." she greeted in her usual soft voice. She then quietly took a seat on one of the tree!benches.

Finneas greeted the Ravenclaw with a small smile full of warmth. ”Hullo, student.” He had jokes. ”Welcome to class, Ms. Couture.”

SPOILER!!: Gracelyn Abbott-Daniau
Originally Posted by SilverTiger View Post
She hadn’t really needed all the notices about Muggle Studies to remember where to go. Being outside was odd. She remembered everything she’d seen at the end of last term, but it wasn’t going to stop her from getting fresh air. Even if Gracelyn had rather expected there to be reminders of past events when she’d gone out there. It was easier to just focus on the giant fire pit where everyone was gathering. Bonfires usually meant things like storytelling and smores, both of which were good things.

She had given the professor a smile as she’d arrived. “Good afternoon, Professor Schmoe,” she greeted him, heading over to sit on the log by Mamie. Hopefully this was going to be like most of the other lessons they’d had. Fascinating but less tense than everything last term had been. Muggle Studies was supposed to be fun, after all.

Finneas returned Gracelyn’s smile with a small one of his own. ”Hullo and welcome,” he greeted her. It was curious to see that she gravitated towards one of the younger years, something that made his heart smile.

SPOILER!!: Lisa Nam
Originally Posted by Watson View Post
Lisa was super excited for an outdoors class! So the young Ravenclaw had happily grabbed her daisy sunglasses before popping down seven flights of stairs aaaaaaaand then outside. She was just jamming and humming along to a song that was stuck in her head as she approached the location of the class. It was easy to spot because there was a gaggle of students, trees trunks, and a very tall Head of House.

She craned her head up to look at the man who was more than two feet taller than her. Merlin. His noodley arms were longer than her whole torso. At times, she wondered if he was part giant, elf, or Star Wars alien. She hadn’t quite figured out just exactly what he was. After her conversation with Daniel, she still had some theories about him. Was he good? Was he not good? Lisa couldn’t tell.. “Hello fearless Ravenclaw Head of House Schmoe!” she said, saluting him with a straight face cause EVERYTHING was normal and she TOTALLY didn’t suspect him.

After doing that, she rushed over to where Daniel was. She leaned over to him and whispered. “So who owes who chocolate frogs?? He’s the Muggle Studies Professor so is this a truce on the frog thing, Batman?

This one had a lot of energy. Finneas was grateful for it. After a term of being perpetually tired, the first years were breathing life back into the castle. And this one, came with a legacy of her own. Another Nam. ”Errrrrrr…” His cheeks glowed bright pink. ”Hullo, fearless, Ravenclaw student Lisa Nam.” He offered in return, oblivious to any and all talk of bets, suspicions regarding twitchy, and errr assumptions of dark wizardry. Perhaps for this best.

SPOILER!!: Phoebe James
Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
Phoebe felt a great glowing love in her heart for Professor Schmoe. He was back this term, even when everything about last term had broken his heart, and he had a hard road ahead to overcome all the prejudice learned last term. The sixth year bopped up to the professor and offered him a farthing.

"I found this and kept it for you, professor. It's so little and cute compared to our money. So cute. For you!" She left the coin with him and sat next to Kale on one of the logs. "Bet you I can light someone's shoelaces on fire with a nonverbal."

Finneas welcomed Miss James with a small smile, one that grew a couple of sizes when she offered him the small coin. ”It is, er, I,” was this the act of kindness that would wreck him once and for all?


”Thank you, Miss James. It is quite, er, it is quite cute.” And he’d be keeping it in his front pocket for safe keeping. Call him professor Eschmo[/s]e

SPOILER!!: Victoria Gellar
Originally Posted by kayquilz View Post
Victoria was very glad she wasn't late for this class.

She had been awful late to an awful lot of classes. She tried not to be late for Headmaster Trent's classes, but this guy? He seemed like a pushover, and V knew she'd be able to be late without much flack.


And she would have stood near Lisa, but since LISA was near stinky DANIEL, she decided to remain by herself near NO ONE and just take out her notebook to start the doodling process she did in every class because a lot of things were boring when magic wasn't involved. Her transfiguration book was covered in doodles already when they had more theory based lessons...and ha, they'd only have like, two, so far! She hoped she would make friends with someone who took good notes because V was certainly no notes-taker.

She stayed standing next to one of the large logs and just hopped from one foot to the other as she drew stars across the top of her parchment in her notebook. Then she drew a mean picture of Daniel, and she gave him a gross mustache.


Now he looked gross.

Errrrrrr… Finneas lifted his hand to wave at the young first year, but it looked like she had bigger plans and so, er, well. Alas. He was delighted to see her take out her notebook though. Always good to be prepared.

SPOILER!!: Violet Blackthorne
Originally Posted by MadAlice View Post
Muggle Studies hadn't been one of the classes Violet particularly cared for, but after her conversations with Professor Schmoe the past few years, Violet couldn't help kind of liking them now. And she was glad to see the professor looking a lot better than he had the last time she was him.

"Hello, Professor, you're looking well," she greeted him as she entered the class.

Violet was another student that Finneas constantly kept on his radar and he was glad to see she returned after the tumultuous year they all experienced together. ”Hullo, Ms. Blackthorne. Thank you.” His face was heating up, maybe if he started the fire now, no one would notice.

SPOILER!!: Valentina Nichols
Originally Posted by Lady of Light View Post
Outdoors muggle studies class!!

Valentina quickly made her way or rather, danced her way down to the grounds for the lesson, feeling.. quite cheerful for once. Not sure why exactly but it had been a pretty good day so far.

"Professor! Hi!!" Val greeted with a smile as she looked around for a moment. Hmm, interesting setup. She decided to remain standing by one of the trunks, humming a tune.

Finneas appreciated the energy with which young Valentina carried herself. He was glad to see she still possessed such spirit after last term. ”Hello, Ms. Nichols.” He smiled.

SPOILER!!: Florence Margot
Originally Posted by Harron Peasley View Post
Long hair braided down her back for a change, Florrie approached the firepit with her usual uninterested look. Muggle Studies was an okay lesson, and she did feel such sympathy for the bumbling Professor but she wasn't going to show that. If he did a lesson on something she was great at, like snowboarding or something, she would probably decide he was her favourite teacher and praise him to no end. But for now, he merely got a, "Hello, Professor Schmoe," in greeting.

She'd surveyed the students already gathered as she approached, and offered Phoebe and Kale a winning smile as she joined their tree trunk.

Had this been charmed to prevent her from getting a numb bum? Because she could feel that happening already.

Finneas waved in greeting as the next student arrived. ”Hello, Ms. Margot.” As he watched her move to sit near Kale and Phoebe, he couldn’t help but feel good about the lesson they were going to have.

SPOILER!!: Heathcliff Jones
Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
Heath didn’t know what felt weirder: classes with the professors he hadn’t yet gotten to know or the classes with the ones he thought he did know until last term. He was no longer angry, but he wasn’t exactly ready to forgive them either. While he’d give the professors credit for eventually fighting back and rescuing the imprisoned students, that didn’t completely absolve them of their inaction up to that point… not in his eyes anyway. As such, he had no idea how to act around the professors anymore, especially his Head of House.

Between his anxiety and his generally organized nature, there was no way Heath could forget when and where this muggle studies lesson took place. He made his way across the grounds until he saw Schmoe standing by the fire pit. “Hello, Professor,” he greeted quietly, keeping his gaze down to avoid eye contact.

With the pleasantries out of the way, he beelined for the nearest log, taking a seat without so much as looking at the person next to him. He sat staring at the ground, trying to block out the memories of the outdoor lesson from last term… the muggle hunting one. Whatever this lesson had in store, he hoped it was nothing like that!

Finneas greeted Heath with a warm smile. His hesitation did not go unnoticed, but Schmoe wasn’t sure there was much he could do to absolve it as of now. Trust was something gained over time. ”Hello, Mr. Jones.”

SPOILER!!: Jacob Rider-Mae
Originally Posted by Daemon View Post
Jacob really didn't need to take Muggle Studies anymore. He hadn't needed it in the first place, but back then he'd really cared about his average and doing an OWL in Muggle Studies had seemed like a great way to get an easy grade. Even after last term, Muggle Studies had been his easiest exam.

The only reason he was here today, and would continue to be until seventh year, is because he had a lot of respect for his head of house. He was pretty sure he used to see a bit of himself in Schmoe, but now it was so much more than that. "Professor," Jacob nodded to him, and turned to survey the scene. Fire pit? And logs. His year mates distributed evenly around the space. Jacob opted to stand, much like Nem, but a fair bit of distance from them. The maximum distance, in fact, since he stood at a straight diagonal from where they were.

Perhaps he'd wait for Matty to show up, and sit next to his brother.

Finneas greeted his next student with the same, warm smile he had given Heathcliff. ”Hullo, Mr. Rider-Mae.” It was strange that Jacob had chosen to stand, though Finneas wasn’t sure he understood it. Er. Perhaps he was waiting for someone? The logs weren’t that uncomfortable…. Were they?

Perhaps he should’ve dragged some bean-bags down here.

SPOILER!!: Camryn Quincy
Originally Posted by Daydreamer11 View Post
Camryn was glad that Muggle Studies class was outside. It didn’t keep her from remembering last year’s classes, but something about being outdoors made her feel a little bit better. When she arrived at the designated location and saw a fire pit her mood brightened somewhat. We’re they going to have a campfire? Roast marshmallows? Dare she say......have some fun?

Finding an empty spot on a log, Camryn sat down and prepared to wait. She was hopeful that the class would be and remain drama free. Was that too much to ask? Trying to have a more positive outlook on life, Cam hoped not.

Finneas was glad to see that Camryn returned and he offered him a small smile as she came to join the class. He could tell there was something happening in that brain of hers. Curiosity was often apparent, even when silent.

SPOILER!!: Apollo Adara-Stark
Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
Apollo didn't really know what to expect for muggle studies anymore. Before going to Hogwarts he had expected it to be the study of muggles and their quirks and habits that made them tick. But now? After last year? Also seeing Schmoe smooth his face together with Flamsteed was something else that stuck out in his mind. We're they together now? Was he going to have two Professor Schmoes? Was it just an innocent embrace?

Also, Apollo may have almost forgot the lesson was outside today. As in, he went to the classroom and noone was showing up and checked his notes only to realize that it was outside and sprinted to get here. Thankfully the Gryffindor common room being in the towers had prepared him for the stairs and the muggle studies classroom wasn't too high from the entrance hall.

Once he caught his breath and realized they hadn't started yet, Apollo glanced around. Fire pit. Oh. "Hi Professor. Are we making Schmores later?" yes he purposely added the ch to smores. Did he like that pun? Was it too much? Also did he know him or was he meant to reintroduce himself to all his professors all over again in case they'd been operating under a curse his first year?

Finneas also did not know what to expect from muggle studies this year, but perhaps for very different reasons. ”Hello, Mr. Adara-Stark, mayhaps we are… Mayhaps we are…” But more on that later.

Also? EXCELLENT pun usage. Finneas chuckled a bit in response. Ah. So good.

SPOILER!!: Atlas Flamsteed
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There were two people Atlas had not expected to see back at Hogwarts this term, as far as the adults went that is, and Professor Schmoe was one of them. While he had been surprised to see the man come start of term feast...the Gryffindor was none the less relieved to see the Muggle Studies professor if for no other reason than it was yet another symbol of The Hoods™ and Rosier not destroying things. An absence of the man would have meant that things really had broke...that things were not at least this way the Gryffindor could pretend and hope for some little sense of normalcy.

In any caaaaaaase...Atlas was here and feeling a little uncertain about being outdoors. Apollo's mention of s'mores made things feel a little more appealing though as Professor Schmoe was not a stranger and the man had proven in spades that the students could trust him - therefore, if there was actually s'mores, Atlas may be inclined to eat some. And hopefully no one would go waving their flaming marshmallows around to try and put out the fire only to have said flaming marshmallow shake loose and smack some one in the cheek where it scorched itself into position and gave them a mino burn.

Not that he was speaking from experience or anything.

"Hello, professor," he greeted with a small smile before plopping himself down near a pair of first years who were whispering about the Ravenclaw Head of House. The second year had almost forgotten that there were those who idea of the horrors they had all seen and experienced last term. He was...kind of jealous of their innocence. "That man is a war hero...endured the Cruciatus Curse multiple times. You'd be a bit twitchy too or dead if you went through what all he did," he responded helpfully.

Finneas greeted young Mr. Flamsteed with a bob of the head. ”Hullo,” he grinned. His brother would be along any time now, yes? Er. It was difficult for Finneas to tell the two apart, but perhaps if he stuck to just their surnames… He could get away with it for now.

SPOILER!!: Alfred Demaret
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Alfred was on his way to the indoor classroom when he passed a notice about the lesson being outdoors. Thank goodness he had noticed it, who knew how long he would have waited at the classroom if he hadn't? He had walked quite quickly to where the lesson was taking place, because he was never late. Maybe that was an overstatement. When he arrived at the class, he was slightly out of breath and took a moment to take a breather before greeting Schmoe. "Good afternoon, sir." Had Alfred called him sir because he had no idea how to pronounce his name? Yes, he had.

He went over to stand somewhere near Victoria, the girl who had been near tears at the start of term feast (although she probably wouldn't have taken kindly to the fact that that was how Alfred identified her). He glanced at her notebook and raised an eyebrow at the portrait. He looked at her and noticed that she was looking across towards Daniel while drawing it. She was drawing Daniel? It certainly looked nothing like him.

Finneas smiled knowingly, bobbing his head in greeting. ”Hello, Mr. Demaret.” If he took notice of the boy’s breathlessness, he did not show it. ”Welcome, welcome.”

SPOILER!!: Serena Baltazar-Dos Santos
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As always, Serena was punctual to all of her classes. It probably helps that she is an early bird and most of the time ready. Most.

“Hello, professor t--Schmoe,” Serena greeted. Oops. Not twitchy. Just Schmoe. She had to be nice and polite and all the things her mum told her to be. EYE ROLL.

Glancing around, she caught sight of Lisa and shot her a wave. That was her friend. Yep. She’s managed to make a friend, a smuggler and no enemies. Winning.

Her eyes then caught sight of one of her roommates. The teary one. She wasn’t teary anymore, and she wasn’t late to class either. “Five points for arriving early,” Serena said as she approached V. Not Victoria. Just V. Cracking a bit of a soft smirk, her brows rose as she tried to get a peek of what V was drawing. “What’cha doing?”

Finneas didn’t notice the slip in the slightest. ”Hullo, welcome to class,” he replied with an easy smile, taking note of where the girl moved to sit.

Annnnnnnnnnd after the loud declaration from over where Lisa, Daniel, and Atlas were sitting, Finneas figured his students were getting antsy enough and …. Er. Perhaps it was time to begin class. Some of his students (Victoria) were even starting to take notes! He checked his watch to confirm the time, before bumbling his way over to stand near the fire pit. The fire pit which was not lit by the way.

You know what was lit though? Muggle Studies. Super lit. Did kids these days still say these things? Er. Anyway. Enough on that.

Finneas looked around the circle with a quiet sort of reverence about him. Many of his students had experienced loss last year, during both the term and the war, itself... Be it the loss of family, the loss of friends, the loss of innocence, or, perhaps, the loss of self. It was true that he recognized the majority of them from previous terms, but he could sense the changes. They were abundantly clear. Many were still grieving, others were still finding ways to move on with their lives; it would be naive of Finneas to believe they could turn all that around in one lesson. That would never be the intention. It would be even more naive to assume he could regain their trust just as quickly. Finneas did, however, hope that they could start the process of healing together, if they hadn’t already, with mutual support.

So when it came to regaining their footing in regard to muggle studies, they would have to… Er. Start at the beginning. “Hullo, class,” he paused here, out of necessity, and took another look around the circle. ”Before we, er, delve into the subject matter for the day, I’d like us to reflect on something as a class for a moment. Something very important." Very, very.

"Let's take a moment to, er, define empathy together.” How did this relate to muggle studies? They’d, er, they’d get there eventually. ”What is empathy? What might make it different from sympathy or pity?” As he paused to take a sharp breath, his noodly limbs twitched a bit. “If you’re having a hard time defining empathy can you think of an example of what it might look like in practice?” As always, he did not expect everyone to answer all three questions. He only hoped he could provoke their minds. Food for thought. Personal anecdotes were welcome too, of course.

So, er, no, they would not be learning how to build fires today; sorry, Mr. Ryan.

OOC: Hihi! Class has officially STARTED. Please refrain from posting late arrivals at this point, unless you would like to face Schmoe’s wrath (lol).

Don’t feel the need to answer all 3 questions, just pick whichever one(s) speaks to you:
(1) What is empathy?
(2) What makes empathy different from sympathy or pity?
(3) What might empathy look like in practice?

I’ll be back to move us along in another 24-28 hours.

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