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Default Moving Staircases

The most logical way for you to get from one part of the castle to the next, from down to the dungeons all the way up to the seventh floor, is making use of the staircases. Even though using them is logical, that does not mean it is going to provide the easiest route from Point A to Point B. The staircases in this tower are notorious for moving without warning whether you are walking on them or not. Hopefully luck is on your side today.

Covering the walls from the bottom of the tower to the top are hundreds of portraits. While they may be intriguing, it is important that you stay focused on the task at hand: getting from one flight of stairs to the next. If you're not paying attention, the staircase you are on will move and you'll have to maneuver your way back down or up again or wind up sinking through one of the trick steps. Under no circumstances should you be sliding down the banisters -- doing so will put your life at risk and, if you live to tell the tale, cost you two week's worth of detention.