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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
IíM HERE !!!!! Okay the perspective (is it called perspective???) in the EQ one is so well done, ern !!! Architectural beauty youíve produced right there, I have no idea how you did that but I am very impressed ok? I also love how colorful the Eritrea one is. You make it so hard to pick favorites

TREES IN FIJI omg ;__; i love them. look at those happy palms waving in the wind. And FRANCE was a lovely surprise! I like the blend of the colors in this one especially - once again i am weeping
Hi, friend! I'm glad you like the angled approach on that church. I find the flat on drawings are kind of BORING, so I like to find interesting/unusual angles to sketch. I mean, not THAT unusual, obviously, but more than just straight on.

Maybe they can ALL be your favorites? Yeah, they can all be your favorites.

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SPOILER!!: Georgia

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