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Originally Posted by Sangeetha View Post
Kaira was just standing by the compartment as she noticed the girl next to her. She looked familiar, maybe she's seen her in one of her classes. Probably a fellow first year? She hadn't met a lot of people this year, and maybe now was the time to change it?

'Hiiii!,' Kaira said to the girl
She was so entranced in her own thoughts that it she didn't notice anyone standing outside the compartment. After all, it was normal for people to pass by and all of that on such a long journey. The Slytherin just carried on with staring out the window, though even the trees and rivers and hills weren't really registering in her mind.

Her thoughts were something she was very much focused on at the moment. So much so that it did take a moment or two for her to acknowledge the voice that had sounded from someone in her year. She knew the voice and sort of recalled the girl's name, but that was all.

A sigh suppressed, Cornelia slowly turned her head. "Hi," she responded, not matching the apparent excitement of the Ravenclaw. She wasn't being unfriendly, though her tone was coming off rather flat.

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