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Established in February of 2016, Scamander Zoo ironically can be found in a small, run-down opera house across from the London Zoo that non-wizard folk have a habit of overlooking, though this is a mere fašade to keep things Muggle Worthy. Once a ticket has been purchased at the reception desk inside the central hall of the opera house, a grandoise staircase leads the way to a set of golden double doors.

Crossing the threshold causes everything to transform and takes the visitor to the zoo's lobby where various fountain beasts await. Free maps of the zoo, creature pamphlets, and fliers can be picked up here. To the left is the gift shop, and the bustling food court is to the right. Moving forward is the Childrens' Playground, which is decorated to resemble a classic playground accompanied with a Hogwarts-esque tree fort and a variety of kid-friendly creatures roaming around such as the Flobberworm, Crup, Kneazle, Puffskein, Niffler, and Demiguise.

The zoo beyond, however, definitely has a wide range of beasts -- from the mundane to extremely violent, the common and unfamiliar. You are sure to get your fill of magical creatures by visiting all of the different enclosures: African Safari, Aquatic Reef, Bird Nest, Gnome Garden, Grecian Parthenon, Horse Paddocks, Insect and Pest Dwelling, Mooncalf Field, Reptile and Amphibian House, Spider Web, Troll Enclosure, and the Westward Expansion.

OOC: Feel free to utilize this spreadsheet as a reference for all of the creatures present at the zoo that your characters may be seeing on their visit. If you have a character that is already employed or wants to work at the zoo, you may add them to the list and role-play them here.
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