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Despite each approaching from a different angle, Charles had little doubt that Lucien could make quick work of this first wave of attacks. But it was all Charles needed, time. Time to cast a protective perimeter around the courtyard. Protego totalum, Protego horribilis. Fianto Duri, Repello Inimicum...all cast to prevent anyone else from interfering, whether that be Lucien’s followers or Charles own support. Charles had been unable to see any of this coming and had played an instrumental part in executing the Neo-Alliance’s attempt at world domination, the guilt cut at him deeper than the Severing Charm that had slashed his chest...and he felt a responsibility to handle this himself.

This would end here, one way or another, with him and Lucien.

STAY BACK! he hollered at any approaching steps, friend or foe, as the gleam of his enchantments covered the area in its protective bubble..

The explosions were expected, as were the bits of stone that flung themselves about the courtyard and towards the Minister himself. Small hurdles that he quickly dealt with with a wave of his wand to turn the larger stones to sand and for others to deflect towards the ground and into the fountain itself that still remained mostly intact.

Breathing heavily, he was no spring stallion these days, Charles collected himself and pressed a palm over his bleeding chest. The taunting did little to enrage him, thankfully, but rather broke his heart further. This pain and determination...not just of Lucien but so had he not seen any of this among his own people? How had he been so blind.

But Lucien's anger...that he could use.

And for the record, Charles Hollingberry was rather fond of parlor tricks!

Taking a page from his opponents book, Charles let his actions speak for himself. Once again manning himself with what his environment provided, the Minister gave a wild flourish of his wand to call upon the flora of the courtyard to his aid. Thick vines shot forth from the bushes and roots erupted between the cracks in the cobbled ground, all sailing towards Lucien to restrain.

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