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Wizarding Wireless Network EMERGENCY BROADCAST | 09 MAY 2104

ATTENTION CITIZENS OF THE WIZARDING WORLD. This is your Minister speaking. I regret to inform you that for some time now I have been magically manipulated by a fanatical group known as the Neo-Alliance who seek to finish the work of Gellert Grindelwald. As of this recording, ministry officials are working to take down chief members of the Neo-Alliance who infiltrated the Ministry. They have successfully apprehended Alphonsine Rosier who is currently in custody and will stand trial for her conspiracies and actions against the greater wizarding world.

While under the influence of a series of potent and sinister entrancing enchantments...I have green-lit harmful legislation and assisted them in sowing the seeds of discord. I must now call upon all willing and able citizens of this great wizarding nation to assist in repairing the damage done, and to save our world.

The Neo-Alliance has turned Hogwarts into its stronghold, our children and future held captive within. Our Order of the Phoenix, led by Senior Undersecretary Fletcher, moves tonight to strike against oppression. In the words of legendary Minister Kingsley Shacklebolt, “every human life is worth the same, and worth saving.” We must save our children, our grandchildren, ourselves, and our future.

This broadcast will loop henceforth. I implore you to spread the word and assist us in fortifying our defences. We move on Hogwarts tonight.

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