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Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
Apparently Vivi hadn't stumbled into offending a Grindelwald fangirl, which was fortunate. She had a loose theory that she was likely to get herself killed before she figured out how to rescue her children from Hogwarts... or saved the world from this current tyranny. Speaking so freely in front of strangers was the best way to get her head handed to her.

But not today!

"You can sit. If you want. I'm Genevieve James." She sipped her coffee and shoved out the other chair at her table with her foot. "I should say that differently. Please have a seat. I don't bite."
Yassi was doing no better, really. Though she did not voice her thoughts as openly, the very look on her face gave way to her disapproval and discomfort. She had never been good at hiding her feelings, especially those that she felt so strongly (which, to be fair, were most of them). Nura always criticized her for this, but her younger sister was no better. They were all run by emotion. It was a familial trait, one from her mother's side.

"Thank you, it is difficult to pace and drink simultaneously," she laughed quietly, moving to sit. "I am Yasmin Golshiri," she offered in return, setting her cup down before her. "Do people usually suspect that you do?" Bite, that is.
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