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Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
After triple checking that he had locked the door to the pensieve room down at the evidence rooms, Kevin Hirase made his way over to the food court for his break. The changes that the Ministry had gone through had been subtle yet noticeable to him at first but now, after the Minister announced that they'd stand by the Neo-Alliance his unease had increased. He had nothing against muggles or anyone having magical abilities coming from muggle parent(s). One of his best mates was muggleborn but with everything going on he had not dared to make contact with Zander Adair yet. And he had never mentioned the ex-Gryffindor so perhaps he could play this safe...

Coming from a Pureblood family , he had no problem getting in to the food court. Though he wasn't hungry but he did get a cup of strawberry flavored tea. Not bothering to take a tray , Kevin held the mug in his hands and scanned the room for an empty seat which happened to be at the table next to a younger looking employee. Without a word, he sat down on the chair and placed his drink on the table before looking up at the banner of Grindelwald as well. Was the guy just as uneasy as him or was he silently toasting for the Greater Good?
Topher was aware of the others who soon trickled over to the area not long after he had taken a seat. The woman pacing and the one insulting the image of Grindlewald. And this man, sitting near him. He made no effort to acknowledge the women who had come near him but he did take a look at the bloke who was now within reach. He supposed he should concern himself with how this man felt about the uh..... new decor.

"Fancy the posters?" He inclined his head at the poster and sipped his soda. "It's uh... kinda difficult to miss, aye?" Honestly, they did have SO many of them around. What kind of point were they trying to make?
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