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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post

Ariana&Erin of Green Gables has a very nice ring to it and i'm filling out our paperwork as we speak. i know it's a lot, but we can figure it out TOGETHER. I also had no idea that rainbow puddles were pollution and now i am sad about it, but luckily I'VE GOT ERN PAINTS to cheer me up. ready set go. I love them all always. they make me feel weeping emotions, as you know. the columbia one feels so lively. i want to go skip around on that street. I'm always out here commenting about the blues but lately i've really been digging your yellow/golds. the skyyyyy / background on the second one is so dreamy, i love how those colors all look next to each other. its like cotton candy. I LOVE THE VEGETATION (is this the right word) IN THE CONGO ONE. i want to slide down those green hills
I'm shocked that you didn't realize that rainbow puddles are slicked with oil. But they're pretty, and so is pavement that is wet with rain. So if that's what you see, then go on with you and be happy.

Please stop weeping on the paintings. It makes the color run. But yes, i've noticed that I've had a lot of yellows and oranges lately, so I'm glad you pointed it out. The new palette makes yellows SO MUCH MORE FUN than the old one.

And I love the sky on this one too.

Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
These would make such a beautiful little book. Or... postcards?
Aww, I bet they would make a very pretty little book of postcards. They're sort of better in the collective than they are one by one.

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