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Law Enforcement

”Process the wands like usual,” he ordered, watching Primeaux as if the man were a tempting morsel he was trying not to pick up and eat. At the second question from Freguson, though, Bain's tempter was starting to spike. He’d already been pushed too far tonight. It would be easy for him to snap again. ”Ferguson,” he said in a warning tone that implied the man had better leave while he still could. He might have just had his first feast in ages, but he was certain he could make room for more if tempted. It had always been a slippery slope with him and once he started, well sometimes it was hard to stop.

His eyes remained on Primeaux. He unbuttoned his suit coat and pushed it back as he stuck his hands into his pants pockets. ”The Underage Magic Restriction has been removed for the Greater Good. It is time for the Wizarding World to embrace its role as the leaders of humanity. Not to cower and hide as if we are afraid to show our worthiness and value. The old ways no longer serve us. The Improper Use of Magic Office will continue to do exactly what it implies. Monitor the improper use of magic. You can rally for the Greater Good or you can stay here, in the cells.” Either way, Primeaux should get comfortable, because he was going to be spending the night here.

As for Milo? ”No, I’m afraid Mr. Jordan has departed.”
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