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Originally Posted by Inquisitorial Squad View Post
To the hospital wing? The hospital wing?

No, that would not be enough of a punishment. The duo that had their wands out would have their revenge on Song and Phillips (the woman made a certain mental note of their names) but perhaps they could...restrain themselves for the time being. Perhaps.

The femme sent a small but highly effective trip jinx in the direction of Phillips. It was true, after all. Sometimes, when people were outside, they tripped. The ground was uneven with lots of sinkholes this time of year.
Finneas flinched as the Squad sent another spell towards his students. But, er, perhaps he could right the wrongs here. Maybe there was some hope. ”The Inquisitorial Squad has, er, er… Given us a good t-teaching opportunity.” He began with as much conviction as he could muster (which was not a whole lot). ”The, er, the tripping jinx is.. Er. Another one that can be … er. Used to slow the muggles down, while you er. While you get ready for a bigger blow.” …….. He looked over in their general direction for a moment, before averting his gaze altogether.

SPOILER!!: Responses
SPOILER!!: Mamie
Originally Posted by Waddles View Post
Mamie was so relieved by the little shoulder squeeze from Aboli. Like...Aboli still didn't hate her for being a Muggleborn or asking her all the questions. Maybe it was because she had won that board game that one time, but maybe it was just because Aboli was wonderful and amazing and stood up for the needy and was just such a good role model and -

On the ground?!

Mamie was petrified. Not literally, no magic involved, just frozen in fear. Somebody hurt Aboli. Aboli, who was literally the best at magic, of all the students, in Mamie's opinion at least, had been taken down. Immediately. Could she cry? Would that be okay!? Mamie stared wide-eyed at Professor Schmoe for a moment, way too distracted by Aboli's downfall to answer the question. And then that Ravenclaw was helping Aboli up, like nothing had happened? Mamie reached out for Aboli's other hand but didn't actually take it. Were...what...why was everything terrible?!

And now Schmoe was sending Aboli away!? Somehow that was worse.

Mamie sniffed, took a few shallow breaths when Schmoe asked another question. Aboli was fine. They were all just absolutely fine. They were outside. Nobody was going to die today, and she was going to answer this question. Wait, what was the question? How to stop Muggles? Hadn't they just done that in Defense class? Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

She raised her hand. "Professor, you can use the incarcerous to tie them up so they can't hurt you anymore." Plus. They weren't permanently injured. And. It could also be used on rats. Like Aboli had done. A few tears jumped out of her eyes at the thought of relatively good times with Aboli that were at risk due to the older girl acting so uncharacteristically stupid.

Finneas wasn’t feeling a whole array of emotions these days, in truth, but he did feel a pang of sorrow each time he saw fear in his student’s eyes. Especially the younger ones. He offered Ms. Turov a gentle nod of the head. ”This is an excellent spell to keep on hand when coming face to face with a group of muggles. Well done.”

SPOILER!!: Flynn + Squad
Originally Posted by Tegz View Post
It was easier not to pay attention to what happened with other kids now, for a lot of reasons. Honestly? Flynn would rather stay in the room than come to lessons. It felt safer in there even though it was a literal prison. He closed his eyes for a second, not looking in Aboli's direction at all, and then the professor asked that question. Flynn's eyes flew open.

The thing was, he had. Three of them all at once. He had been small and they had been big and they had been violent and there hadn't been anything that young Flynn could do. Sometimes he wondered how different it would have been, had he been old enough to have a wand, or if a grown up with a wand had been there. And there was another question too, how much worse would it have been if they had known he was a wizard? Worse, probably. Much worse.

In consternation, Flynn looked towards the hoods. The neo-alliance was bad and they hurt people, but maybe some of them had been hurt by muggles too? Maybe that was why they were like this? Of course, it hadn't made Flynn like that, but perhaps that was because the muggles hadn't hurt him for being magical, they'd hurt him because he was.... for other reasons. They had hurt him for other reasons. And those reasons had changed everything about who he was, hadn't they?

He put his hand up, but he didn't look up at Schmoe, Flynn's gaze was fixed on the hooded neo-alliance members in the room.

"Um... excuse me? Sirs?" Had anyone ever actually said what they were supposed to call them? How to address them? Flynn had missed it, but he felt, even if there were some women or anyone else under some of those hoods, that they should also be sirs for some reason. "Have muggles ever hurt any of you? What I mean is.... I would be interested to know if any of you have dealt with v-violent muggles, and if so... what happened? I um.... hearing about real world experiences that are recent instead of a gazillion years ago might be.... more useful to us." Or maybe they'd stupefy him and he could just not think about any of this.

Honestly that would just be fine too at this point.
Originally Posted by Inquisitorial Squad View Post
There was, in fact, a ma'am among them. She was the one who raised her wand to set off a series of rapid-fire hexes at this Hufflepuff, but the raging Rosier fan next to her stayed her arm.

Instead, he sent one spell to the boy who dared to question their backgrounds. A silent silencio, as it were. That should shut the brat up for the pathetic professor's sake.

Finneas flinched when he realized that young Flynn was addressing the squad. Knowing that the squad was unlikely to offer an answer, Schmoe hopped in (hoping that the would not harm the boy… though it wasn’t something he could likely predict one way or the other). ”Well, er, that is an interesting question…. But. Er. Well. Regardless, we must practice constant vigilance and er….” He looked over at the Squad and then to the Hufflepuff and then to the Squad. Finneas wasn’t making eye contact with anyone as he spoke. ”We must… er… go after them before they can come after us.” It was… a stretch. But it was also the general sentiment he got from the curriculum. So. Finneas was trying his best.

SPOILER!!: Ashley
Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Ash was gonna go full 'repeat propaganda' mode until everyone here felt uncomfortable and saved her. She was gonna do it. "I assume you don't want us to use muggle fight strategies, so I wouldn't get in a fistfight with them. I would just hex them with something nasty. I'm not an adult, so I don't know Unforgivables. Maybe something that made them... shoot sardines out of their nose." Actually, she definitely would get in a fistfight. That was the first thing she'd do. And she didn't say the last part for no reason, either. Every word she said was carefully crafted to make everyone else feel uncomfortable. It was the wizarding world's fault that she was stuck in here. And she was going to make them regret it.

Finneas turned next to Ms. Fox, hoping that everyone else would simply follow the motions. He was relieved when she did just that. ”Er, yes, perhaps. That spell, er, might be a little too mild for our purposes.” Though it was a nasty one all the same.

SPOILER!!: Dahlia
Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Dahlia wasn't sure what to make of Schmoe's reply. Muggles frighten easily, keep that in mind. Was that a hint towards the remainder or the lesson or... something more. Whatever it was meant to be, she was going to remember it.

Hearing Schmoe speak up to the evil hooded minions the way he did, Lia was proud. Yet, she wasn't. It was clear the Aboli needed to be taken to the Healer but standing up to those guys... she hoped they wouldn't hurt the professor. And Flynn too?! He was actually addressing the hooded minions directly?! Lia's stomach was beginning to hurt. She had a feeling things weren't going to end well. Please don't let anyone else get hurt.

Trying not to look around too much, Dahlia did her best to keep her blue eyes only on Schmoe as she raised her hand. "Uhh, well.. if I was older and really going at Transfiguration I would turn myself into a large creature that could scare them away." Yup, the scare tactic.
Finneas turned next to Dahlia, calling on her raised hand after a moment. ”That would be useful, but er… Stick to the spells you know you have mastered.” Because they would be needing them much sooner than they thought.

SPOILER!!: William
Originally Posted by Uncle Moose View Post
Hrrm. The Salem Witch Trials. But like wasn't that just a majority of Muggles killing other Muggles or some of their own kind offing Witches because magical people are petty and would do anything to get back at each other over stupid feuds. Sure some of it was Muggles killing witches but out of 20 "witches" killed it had to have been like 4 or something. Not a very high number.

"The Exploding Charm" . Will uttered not really wanting to be heard. The practice worked on the dummies in the Defense Against the Dark Art class. It was a brutal practice one that he really just switched to imagining all the dummies were Rosier back then but that was even a bad idea. Just comply quietly to all demands and try to look as normal as possible.
Had the thoughts been said out loud, Finneas would have been inclined to agree. With the way the curriculum was set up, however, he would have been forced to do just the opposite. It wasn’t how many witches they managed to kill that was the issue. It was their desire to kill that made the difference. And er. The lesson really had nothing to do with the Witch trials. It was only a ….. bad example. ”Yes. Good.” He replied simply, feeling too heartbroken to elaborate.

SPOILER!!: Claudine
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Claudine’s heart hurt for Aboli and was relieved when Schmoe stood up for her. But goodness, he didn’t look so good himself. Poor guy… all these events were definitely taking a strong toll on him. It was all the more reason that there be some sort of a plan to take back the school. Sigh. Was that ever going to happen? Anyway. It didn’t seem as though anyone else would be getting into trouble and being hurt.

Except maybe Flynn who was addressing The Hoods. If that Hufflepuff wasn’t careful with his words, he could be next.

“Simple,’’ the Snakette said, hand raised. “I would Stun them. That would save me from having to deal with too much trouble at once. After Stunning them, I’d use Incarcerous.” A quick and easy plan in her opinion.
The professor lifelessly called upon the next raised hand. Relieved that Claudin was one of his students that didn’t actively go out seeking trouble. ”This is, er, perhaps one of the most effective ways to approach the situation.” He agreed quietly.

SPOILER!!: Nemesis
Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
Was that a screech.

Of course it was.

Leave it to Schmoe to be the underlining noodle for this absolute joke of a situation. Coward was right. And then Whitlock was... well, whatever. True to form, Nem did not look that way, simply pretended not to have noticed; Rent-a-Snitch were there for that. Instead they continued the Schmoe stare-down, but this time they had an answer too.

Sort of.

"The best laid plans-" of mice and men "-often go awry." All this to say, "I don't rely on plans. I'll wait until the moment comes, and make the decision then."

Which was not the kind of answer Schmoe was looking for but, shock of shocks, Nem did not care. Their mind did often explore all kinds of eventualities of all kinds of situations - more fantasy than brainstorming strategies, though to Nem those weren't so different - but they weren't in the business of sharing how their mind worked. Generally.

They hadn't exactly lied though, either.
To see Nemesis answering the question surprised Finneas, especially after the radio silence up until now. Schmoe tried not to look too unsettled, however, as he turned himself towards the slytherin. ”Errr… This could, er, this could work. Assuming that you, er, that you h-have an arsenal of useful spells you know you c-can rely upon if the time c-calls for it.” Er. Yes.

SPOILER!!: Cecelia
Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
Professor Schmoe looked a bit like a Chihuahua, small and shaking and scared. Cece got that feeling. She'd been there. It wasn't a nice place to be. He deserved better, Schmoe did.

Speaking of scared, the blonde blinked when Flynn addressed the horrible hooded guys directly. His question made her worry, about him and what was going on in his head and more importantly, what might happen to him now that he'd tried to start up a conversation with them.

As for her own answer, the blonde shrugged. "Ebublio could work." It would create a barrier that the muggles couldn't break free from. She had Bernie and Kinsay to thank for the idea.
Finneas twitched before looking around the area again for another raised hand. [b]”While er, an unconventional choice it is er, it can be effective, yes.”[b]

SPOILER!!: Octavia
Originally Posted by PatInTheHat View Post
Octavia knew the question Schmoe asked could very much be triggering for her best friend, but she didn't know it would cause him to question the hooded men that surrounded their class. It wasn't surprising, but it did afford him a cautious look. He... he was fine. This entire lesson was fine.

Her eyes lingered on Flynn for a moment before she gave the professor her attention again. "You don't have to attack. In situations like this you can use shield charms or simply disarm the muggles. Violence is not always the response to violence."
Er…. Was it fine? Because Finneas wasn’t feeling very fine. Nothing about any of this was fine. But er. AnYwAy. He appreciated this answer. He really did. It gave him a sense of warmth (though a fleeting one), but he quickly cleared his throat. ”Unfortunately, we er… We cannot errr… We cannot have that mentality anymore. T-times are, er, they are changing and …. Er. Offensive is b-better than defensive. More effective.” He tried to course correct, though perhaps if one paid enough attention, they could tell how little conviction he spoke with.

SPOILER!!: Alexandre
Originally Posted by littledhampir View Post
Wait, Schmoe was sending Aboli and Valencia to the hospital wing? But those were his friends. He didn't want them to leave.

He tried to tune in to what Professor Schmoe was saying. Salem Witch Trials, right. He was pretty sure that he had learned before that technically they didn't get many (or any?) actual wizards because they could use magic to defend themselves and make the flames harmless or something like that. It was still bad, though. Muggles had turned against each other and hurt each other. But it wasn't like wizards didn't do that either. Looking at you, hooded figures.

Of course, Alexandre didn't say any of that out loud. Instead he raised his hand to respond to the actual question asked. "I would just apparate away, if I knew how." Of course he didn't yet, but he would soon.
Finneas didn’t want them to leave either. He wanted them to be safe. And, er, sometimes the safest place was … away.


”Running away from the problem is….. weak.” He croaked. He didn’t believe his own words. He really didn’t.

Originally Posted by Watson View Post
He offered Schmoe a small smile when the man had blessed his fake sneeze/slip of the tongue. “Thanks,” he replied quickly, trying to be as polite as possible and on his best behaviors so the Hoods wouldn’t notice. Nope. Nope. He was going to be a good student. He nodded at the rest of Schmoe’s response to his answer as his mind was focused on Aboli and Valencia. Headed to the Hospital Wing? Could he go too? He was about to raise his hand to offer help but quickly remembered that if he went then he would more than likely be escorted out of the premises like the President of the United States.

Heh. The comical thought brought a smirk to his face. Heh. That would be a sight to see.

Anyhow........ class. Focus Nam, ok?

Oh right. Sound bored. Very bored. “Memory Charm. I’d waste too much time and too much energy fighting them off. I’d prefer to remove the memory of them trying to attack and then just be on my merry way.
Finneas, er, he bobbed his head around. ”Well. Er. Perhaps that could work, but if there are more than one you, er, may not have the chance before they … er. Attack you.”

SPOILER!!: Heath
Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
Heath watched, feeling a strange mixture of anger and gratitude as Schmoe fought, or more accurately, begged for Aboli. Where was this attitude when he was imprisoned? Or Avalon? Or Ivy? Or any of the other Ravenclaws who didn't do anything wrong all term? Then it dawned on him why Schmoe was willing to stand up for Aboli but not the students in his own house. It was because she was a pureblood, right? That was the only thing that made sense. Whatever. He was just glad Schmoe was willing to stand up for anyone at all, even if it wasn't him.

Heath was long past the point of being shocked or appalled by the question. The constant anti-muggle speech seemed normal now. In the past, he had trouble coming up with ideas for these questions, but now the problem was that he had too many ideas! All he had to do to put himself in the right frame of mind was substitute the word "muggles" in that sentence for "Neo-Alliance followers". He genuinely wanted every last one of them to suffer as he had, starting with their leader!*

So given that scenario, he'd go for spells to cause maximum damage with minimal effort… Bombarda, Stupefy, Sectumsempra, possibly some spells that weren't designed for use on humans like Diffindo or Defodio… spells that he never would've even dreamed of using on a human being before his imprisonment. In the end, he opted for something slightly less dark. "Cascading Jinx," he said after raising his hand. "Takes out multiple opponents at once."
Finneas nodded sadly in reply to Heath’s answer. ”That, er, that is a wonderful strategy.” And…. that was all Finneas would say because he did not have the heart to give it any more thought. It simply made him too sad.

SPOILER!!: Atlas
Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Atlas once again found himself holding his breath as their professor, the shell that was left of him, tried to fall on the sword for Aboli. It was a kind of behavior the first year could not quite understand, especially with he and Aries always been quick to point the finger at each other for something that had gone wrong. Or the cat. That was working less and less these days though, back home at least. So the Gryffindor was sort of just staring back and forth between Professor Schmoe and The Hoods™, certain that he could not stomach another demonstration of the Cruciatus Curse.

But his breathing seized again when an older Hufflepuff spoke...and directly addressed The Hoods™ and boldly too assuming that they were all 'sirs'. Atlas once again found himself staring in horror, though with the sense to cover his mouth a bit so he wasn't obnoxiously gaping, and glanced nervously back at the professor and then back to Aboli and the Ravenclaw girl who...may or may not be leaving class. Atlas would like to join them too, please.

Eyes downcast now, he found himself liking the answer of that one older Ravenclaw. The one who had suggested just...leaving. That was his thinking too. Running away or just disappearing on the spot. in Disillusionment Charm.

Neither of which he could perform right now. He and his wand were...not seeing eye-to-eye this turn...and he was too scared to answer with 'run and hide'.

So...another round of silence from Atlas Flamsteed it was.
Finneas was not going to blame his students who chose not to respond. Especially the ones who, er, were young and fearful. Finneas felt for them. He really did. So, er, he just. Yeah.

Originally Posted by AlwaysSnapesGirl View Post
Ivy felt the tiniest bit of relief when Professor Schmoe stepped up to send Valencia and Aboli to the hospital wing - but only a tiny bit, because she wasn't sure what the hooded squad's reaction to all this would be. Would they allow it? She generally expected the worst from them, especially at this point in the term, and it was difficult to even hope for something different.

And then Flynn was directly asking them a question. It was related to the lesson, at least, so it...might be okay? Would any of them actually answer? They never seemed like big talkers. Just attackers.

It turned out that no, they didn't respond. Not verbally at least. A couple spells were cast, but their response didn't seem to be...overly aggressive this time. Which wasn't necessarily a good sign...

But...back to the actual discussion. The topic that had been repeated over and over ad nauseam. Um.

"I'd use Protego to protect myself, Professor," she said, raising her hand, "and then use the Body-Bind Curse on them. Then they can't do anything to me, and I can get away from them."

With the final raised hand, Finneas felt a sense of relief. The sooner they moved to the activity, the sooner they could… hopefully move away from some of the chaos. ”The body-bind curse is an excellent, er, choice. Especially for the rest of this lesson.” And er. Yeah.

Finneas twitched as he looked around the outdoor space. Time was elapsing very slowly today. ”For the rest of class, we will er… We will be playing a game.” He paused for a moment, before slowly continuing. ”A simulation of … sorts. Er. A game of Muggle Hunt.” A twist on the classic game Man Hunt. Er. He twitched some more, looking up at the sky and noting that the sun was starting to set.

”We will, er, b-be splitting up into t-two teams. M-muggles and w-wizards. The rules are simple. The wizard team must capture muggles and put them into the muggle pen,” here he paused to point to the fenced off area at one end of the circle. Again, he looked around. The curriculum hadn’t specified here and Schmoe was … going to, er, he was going to take some of his own liberties here. ”I will be assigning your team and errr. Those who are deemed muggles must turn in their wands. You will, er, get them back at the end of the lesson. Wizards, you can collect nets and other supplies should you need them to capture your muggles, but errrr… You will also be allowed to use your wands…. I recommend incarcerous, ebublio, and Petrificus Totalus. Muggle team, you are expected to, er, put up a fight, resist, hide…. Do what you need to do to stay away from the pen.”

He paused again, taking another sharp breath. ”Before we begin, please come to the front and collect your team pinnies. One pile is labeled MUGGLE and the other pile is labeled WIZARD. And er, with the extra time, please feel free to strategize with your team.”

OOC: hi apologies for the delay. I've been a lil under-the-weather. This post is kind of a mess, but I'll explain the game again in my post to start off the main activity to clear things up.

But FOR NOW all you need to do is:

1) Say that Finneas assigned you to either the MUGGLE team or the WIZARD team - Title your post accordingly
2) Come to the front and collect your pinny/scrimmage vest for the team that you've been assigned
3) Muggle Team: Give Finneas your wand (to be returned at the end of the lesson)
Wizard Team: Collect "hunting" supplies (ropes, nets, etc)
4) If you have time, you can strategize with your team

We'll be starting the game/activity in 48 hours! I'll go over gameplay again in my next post because this one got sort of messy.
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