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Kale Trent wasn't a ghost anymore. He wasn't floating down the corridors haunted by the DADA lesson and the man he had inadvertently killed by trying Rosier. He wasn't exactly Kale Trent in the before times either. There was something about the Gryffindor that was steely. Determined. Maybe even a lil fool-hardy in the best worst Gryffindor way.

The room had given him something to focus his energy on. And if anyone knew Kale, energy was something he had in spades.

He didn't look good. No no. In fact, he looked very bad. But there wasn't room for being scared about the mounting inevitability of his own doom. He only had a few hours a day to really think with the anonymity of lessons. He wasn't going to waste it.

Kale nodded at Schmoe and dutifully took his seat. If he had his hand on his wand it was only because he had missed it so dearly.
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