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Hogwarts RPG Name:
William W. Williamson

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Bernadette O. Grantham
Fifth Year

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Duncan M. Fletcher III
Minister's Office

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David O. Truebridge
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There really wasn't much spirit left in old Bernadette Grantham these days. Just a numb sort of vague sadness, which she subtly demonstrated whilst being escorted to and from lessons by kicking pebbles as she walked. A pebble here, a pebble there... one rolled into a traffic cone and stopped.

She joined the others and briefly looked up at Schmoe, giving him a sad and tiny nod, and then back down at the ground.

Bernadette just didn't want to be here anymore. She didn't. She just wanted to go home... like, home, as in the Hogwarts of the 2100-2101 school year. Even though she'd been on dorm arrest and confined to Gryffindor Tower for a good few months, at least back then she'd had her crochet hooks and some yarn and books and a comfy bed and it hadn't been THAT serious of a dorm arrest.

The Room sucked.

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