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Noah was relieved that they had a class. AND IT WAS OUTSIDE. Being at class meant that he could escape their new living arrangements and see Aboli. He was often consumed with thoughts about how she and the other students were doing...

I forgot what the outside smells like,” he muttered a little loudly to himself before walking over to the Professor and presenting himself with limited emotion. He didn’t have any excitement left to give... He missed his dorm room. He missed his girlfriend. He missed his family. He missed his Hogwarts not this horrible nightmare. “Hello. Afternoon Professor.” he said, glancing at Schmoe for a minute before returning his gaze to Aboli and then back to Schmoe.

Then he headed to wear he could stand without getting anyone in trouble but his eyes were on Aboli the whole time, hoping that she would look over his way. He’d have to find a way to talk to her.... discreetly.
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