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ABOLI WAS HERE! Mamie wanted to run to the older girl when she spotted her, but she didn't want to make the guards mad, so. She walked. Like a normal human being, which she definitely was. She walked and walked until she was standing next to Aboli on the opposite side from Ivy, then she stopped walking. Wait. Oh, maybe Aboli didn't want to be seen fraternizing with Muggleborns. Mamie took two steps away from the Slytherin, and gave her a polite nod of to say hi, how are you, save me. As one does.

At least they were having class outside today, which was a very nice change from the gross dungeon room Rosier was keeping the "bad kids" in. She sighed happily but tried not to smile about it. She didn't want Schmoe to get in trouble for treating the Muggleborns to some extra fresh air. Mamie was already looking pale, and she even lived in the basement normally. "Good afternoon, professor," she said. She eyed the traffic cones. What was Schmoe up to?
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