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If she’d actually been looking up at the headmaster when he’d been staring at her with his cold, dark gaze then she may have sensed the danger she’d been in but her eyes were firmly planted on her own slippers, only for her to finally look up at his words condemning Professor Williamson, the teacher who taught her favourite subject in all of the world!

“But…but..” stammering now as her gaze turned towards where the professor was just in time as he got hit with the crucio spell. Even before she got punched in the gut, Ingrid’s cheeks had warm tear trails down them but the after…it was more like a dam had exploded.

It was hard for her to tear her gaze away from that horrifying scene but the sound of the Neo Alliance member who was next to her made her skin crawl so much so that she simply had to turn towards her or rather flinch away in fear. At the sound of his words, she was about to stammer out that she’d only been trying to help when the punch that connected squarely with her gut sent her flying over to onto her back, her head hitting the floor as she did so.

Semi-conscious of what was happening, she lay there, blinking the stars and tears away as she looked up at the at the figures of the people around her wishing that one of them was her father, gasping for air as if one of her lungs had just been punctured.
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