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The cold didn't bother her as she stood there among everyone else. When a warm hand slipped into her own, she visibly jumped in surprise, her heart racing until she realized it was Tad. Small fingers tightened around those of her besties as they waited side-by-side to find out what was going to happen to them all.

Only when Tadhg pulled off his hoodie and handed it to someone, did she realize that someone was Devin clad only in his boxers. Dear Merlin what was that boy thinking?! Good going Tad for helping him out like a friend should. She even gave him a tiny smile to show she approved.

What came next... well none of it was approved of.


As Rosier began to speak about how disobedient they all were and how none of could do as they were told, she unconsciously stepped closer to Tadhg. When the list of names was read through with the order of the evil hooded minions to take them and anyone that spoke out, her grip on her friend tightened. With each name her fear grew, those were almost ALL of her friends, her housemates and dorm mates... this was... it was... she didn't even have words for it!

Then things got worse. Something deep in the pit of her stomach told her things would get worse. And worse they did. She even lifted her hand to press it against Tadhg's mouth in an attempt to stop him but the words were already out. He had already spoken up. A part of her was proud of him, another part... completely broken hearted. She knew they were going to take him and she wanted to go too... she wanted to yell at him but she couldn't. If she did she would be taken away from her siblings and they needed each other.

Blue eyes locked on matching blue ones and pleaded with him silently, how could he have broken their promise? Small hands clung at his, her nails likely digging into his skin in hopes that he wouldn't be pull away from her. The tears were already filling her eyes and threatening to fall.

Plus Williamson too?! Who else were they going to lock away?!
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