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Did she see this coming? She wasn't sure, but it didn't shock her either. She couldn't help the relief sigh when she didn't hear her own children in that list, but she didn't know if it was a good thing or a bad at this point. It meant that these people thought her own children would work for them and she really thought they wouldn't until she heard some of the things that went on at that trip. Did her own child really help?

Cassie couldn't think further that that thought because there were many names on that list that worried her, all of those names really, but Bernadette was one that really worried her. Could the girl just please do what she was told so she could survive this? Cassie wanted to beg her, but dared not to move. Curtis was the other name, her god son, she wanted to grab his arm and protectivity place him behind her.

She moved just a bit, but she stood still and didn't make another move. She just bit her lip hard and stood watching everything going on.

Gemma had been standing quietly, she had been doing what she was told for awhile, but it seemed that her efforts at the trip to let dragons free so the ministry would come were failures. It seemed by the headmaster's words that they already had control in those places. She felt the tears in her eyes as the realization that this was never going away, that her dad might be in danger or they might not ever see him again hit her.

She wanted to run to her mother, but she stayed still. The only thing that came from her was a whisper, Not Curtis no, no, they couldn't take him. They couldn't hurt him or any of her other friends.

Please don't hurt them.
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