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Originally Posted by PhoenixRising View Post
Apollo didn't sleep a wink last night. He'd rested, sure. He tried to sleep. But he'd been up alllll night thinking about the field trip to the dragon reservation. He had so many questions stewing in his brain. Firstly, hadn't Williamson put Nemesis in charge of the group as one of the oldest? Sure he didn't really know the older Slytherin, but he knew of him enough to know he was older and basically hadn't even tried to find him when he got separated from the group. Had he not heard Ingrid's name being called by the Hufflepuff boy, he and Dahlia might have gotten left behind. But then again, being woken at 4 in the morning by that loud alarm, perhaps that might not have been such a bad thing. Nothing good EVER came from being awoken that early, even if one was already awake, as he recalled from his older cousins telling him about that boot camp one year they were forced to do. Actually, Apollo might have preferred that.

He wanted to throw up, but also knew he shouldn't. Throwing on his uniform as fast as he could, he'd checked to make sure the Flamsteed Twins were up and out of bed before leaving the dormitory. Bella. He needed Bella. Arriving to the courtyard, he felt the knot tighten in his throat when he didn't see her. He spotted that Nemesis over on the outskirts, shooting a side-eye in his direction, but nothing more than that for that the time being. There was more pressing matters on Apollo's fatigued brain.

He spotted another first year Slytherin, Tadhg, making his way over to him. "Where's Bella?" He whispered urgently. If he had to sneak back in to get her, he would even if it meant risking his own life, but he hoped she would be down in the next few minutes.
Being awoken at the crack of dawn by the alarm and voice of headman Rosier had not been what Bella had been dreaming about that this day would start with. Tumbling out of bed she had sleepily put her robes on and hastily pulled a comb through her hair, and made sure her dormmates we're up before she left for the courtyard; being ushered there by Professor Recard.

Bella was scared and worried for what was to come. Entering the courtyard she only caught the tail end of headmaster Rosier's speech as she silently made a beeline for Apollo's comforting and safe figure noting who was there and who wasn't in her year and house. Coming up beside Apollo she slipped a her left hand into his as she whispered to him."What's going on? Who are being escorted where and why?"
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