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There was a lot going on, even before the Headmaster began to speak. Emm watched Moose go take a spot by Ashley--funny how this was becoming a recurring theme--as did Schmoe. Cece, who had promised to protect her and Kizzy was now standing over there with Kale...the kid who was ALWAYS trying to die...after promising she would be careful. The little girl's world was shrinking by the minute and she could hardly make sense of it.

The steadying force was Kizzy's hand in hers--and then Yoyo's. It was hard having a sister in another house during all the chaos. Emmerson could only ever ensure the safety of those with her. To see Yoyo had made it...had come to stand by her when she had her own friends to stand with, it melted Emmerson right down and she was now using a vice like grip to cling to her sister with her other hand.

She wanted to say something, anything. But the place was so silent, the Gryffindor feared even thinking too loud would get her in trouble.

It was better to keep her mouth shut.

Devin showing up in his underwear scarcely registered to her because in the next minute....her fears were coming true. She was right. All the worry she had haboured that Headmaster Rosier wouldn't be happy about the trip, it was happening and...and....that had a lot of her favourite people on it. The most notable was the one she was currently clinging to and Emmerson felt her entire heart tear itself out of her chest.

" can't." She found herself whispering, her head shaking despondently. They couldn't take Kizzy, they couldn't. They couldn't take Sammy or Matty or Cece or Flynn. That...that was almost all her friends. Emm wrapped both arms around Kizzy defensively, the only thing she could think to do. "No, don't take her, she didn't do anything, no."
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