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Default making my triumphant return with.... a very shaken Quinn; mention of Eden uwu
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Quinn was much more than disheveled this morning.

Ever since the absolutely nerve-wracking chaos that was the field trip, he had been extremely worried about... well, everything. And especially now that he'd finally had The Conversation with Bernie, he was especially on edge. He was honestly worried that he was going to get killed by coming here, that somehow Rosier had found out they'd had one single conversation and everything was over with. But he would definitely die if he didn't go, so... what was he to do?

Quinn stumbled out into the courtyard in his pajamas and that was it. He immediately regretted this, but he was in such a rush to make sure he didn't die that he hadn't thought about it. Now he was walking across cold stones barefoot, shivering from cold (and nerves, but you wouldn't know it) and trying to catch his breath while the frigid air stripped his lungs raw. His bedhead and the bags under his eyes only heightened the visage of an absolute wreck.

He went and stood wordlessly next to Eden, waiting for Rosier to Avada Kedavra him out of existence.
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