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The loud alarm and booming sound of the headmaster woke Devin in a panic. He was no morning person, but the adrenaline from the shock was enough to motivate him to get out of bed instead of falling back to sleep. Ten minutes? That was just unfair. It wasn’t even enough time to get dressed properly and perform his morning hygiene routine, much less get all the way from Gryffindor tower down to the courtyard. It would probably take upwards of 5 minutes just to get down all the stairs, maybe even longer if the moving staircases weren’t in his favor. What time was it? Half past four. Ugh. This was disgusting. No one should ever have to be awake at this time and being up this early was punishment enough. No way would he be mentally alert enough for classes later today if he was sleep deprived. Oh hippogriff dung, he’d wasted 2 minutes already. Devin rolled out of bed straight into his slippers which were usually reserved for use only within Gryffindor tower, grabbed his wand, and ran to the bathroom to pee really quick before starting his mad dash to the courtyard. Bleary-eyed and still half asleep, Devin ran downstairs, following the other Gryffindors. He dreaded what gathering students like this could be for. There was a gut-wrenching fear that killing curses would fly. This must be some sort of public executions of the muggleborns or something equally horrible. Either that or someone was already dead and Rosier wanted to make sure the lesson to obey him was not lost to the other students. Whatever this was, it certainly wasn’t good.

It wasn’t until he arrived at the courtyard and took his place near Kinsay and Emmerson that he realized he had been sleeping in just his boxers and had not taken the time to put on any additional clothes. Well, here he was literally standing in front of the whole school in his underwear. This was about as embarrassing as it could get. It was at this point that one would usually wish for death, but given that death was already a very real possibility here despite his pureblood status, he recognized that death wasn’t really what he wanted. So, instead he was blushing a deep red and wishing he was invisible.
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