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Yolanda was trying her very best not to throw up. she'd run all the way here without heed to her aching calves, the sharp pangs or breath, the way her heart exploded in her ribcage. She had never been less aware of her physical being, the irony of it all was lost on the hufflepuff as she pushed her way through the gathering throngs of students and teachers alike.

She would not be stopped until she saw all their faces. Emmerson, Kizzy, Flynn, Tavie, Cece, Phoebe, Teddy, Nemesis, Kale and Mavis- she had never hated the housing system so much. "Emms." Yoyo panted, stopping behind her beautiful little sister. She reached for Emms' hand, seeking the warmth and connection- the reminder that she was alive and well. "Kiz, are you alright?" she peered carefully at the other James sibling, looking for any signs of pain, physical and emotional. It was no real use asking, Yoyo bitterly thought, for what answer or help could the dark haired beauty offer? Words could only do so much...

a flash of golden hair caught the Hufflepuff's attention. Cece. the relief was short lived, but much needed. She didn't call out for fear of the hooded figures and Rosier's wrath, but she tried to catch her dear friend's attention with a pointed look as if to say 'i've got you.'

Kale. Poor wretched Kale, Yoyo wished he wasn't here at all, it wasn't fair for so many reasons... some of which were more selfish than she wanted to admit.

Yoyo's eyes burned but she willed herself not to cry as she surveyed the hoods, their menacing aura as suffocating as gas. She hated them. hated them right down to her bones but she was not Phoebe, and she was not Kale and no matter how furiously her heart beat, Yolanda Luna could only manage to glare.

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