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The alarm noise hadn’t come as too much of a shock to Gracelyn’s system, considering the Hufflepuff had felt like she wasn’t really getting decent sleep for ages now. Especially since she’d found it quite easy to make her way into the courtyard wearing her uniform, albeit the obvious wrinkles that told the story that she’d fallen asleep wearing them. Not that she’d stayed asleep for long, even before the rude awakening.

Even so, wrapped in her school robes as they had been the easiest thing to grab on her way out of the Hufflepuff dorms, she looked terrible. Barely awake wasn’t the worst of it, honestly, but she’d stayed quiet as she first considered taking a position by her head of house, but changed direction at the last minute to stand by Cece and Kale. Back to her former decision to show solidarity, and standing with friends made her feel the slightest bit better. Even when said friends looked just as bad as she figured she did.
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