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Originally Posted by Waddles View Post
In a shocking turn of events, History of Magic was no longer Mamie's least favourite class. Not due to her being any better at it, or due to actually liking it any better or finding history less boring, but due to Defense being just...traumatizing. Come to think of it, that Creatures field trip was also traumatizing.

She hoped this wasn't a new trend.

"Good morning, Professor Recard." Their healer looked exhausted, Mamie she needed her own healer, even. Perhaps St. Mungo's could send someone to help her out? There did seem to be more injuries this term, compared to last year. Well, at least that Mamie had noticed.

She sat on the right side of the room, trying to aim for the middle as much as she could. She didn't like being singled out due to not having a magical family, but...well, the other Muggleborns were feeling more like her family day by day. As she settled into her seat, she sighed. How many months until summer now? Would they even be allowed to go home then?
Gabi mustered a smile for her - knowing that whatever Gabi was going through, Mamie was having it worse being a muggleborn. "Good morning, dear," she replied in greeting.

Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
Cece Summers was looking pretty dull herself. It was hard to be happy when the people you cared about were constantly in danger and you were trapped in an awful nightmare that you couldn't wake up from. And she tried. Cece tried so hard to be the sunshine for people who needed it. But as much as she tried, she couldn't quite manage a smile today. Super sorry about that.

"Hi Professor," She greeted quietly as she passed, noting her directions. Left side, then. Left side, but closer to the middle. She claimed her seat and took out her things and then played with her fingers, feeling restless.

"Hello Miss Summers," Gabi greeted the Gryffindor as she watched her take a seat on the left side of the room, as instructed.

Originally Posted by SilverTiger View Post
After everything that had happened, Gracelyn was emotionally exhausted. She had still tried to do yoga, or at least some stretching in her dorm room, but it wasn’t exactly accomplishing in calming her thoughts down. Not one bit. Not when she was constantly in fear of seeing any muggleborn friends of hers being, well, killed. The Muggle in the DADA lesson seemed to prove it wasn’t a crazy thought, no matter how much she wished it was. No matter how much she wished she could go to sleep one night and when she woke up the next morning everything was back to normal. That all of this was just some sort of nightmare, but then that would also mean it was a nightmare she wasn’t waking up from and it was stretching the Hufflepuff to her breaking point.

“Hi Professor Recard,” she had greeted the woman, trying to muster up a smile but ultimately failing. It was just too hard, even if she trusted the healer to have their best interests at heart. Evidence seemed to have shown the woman did, after all, but still, it was hard to act happy. She had given Cece a little nudge as she passed her on her way to a seat nearby though. Friends tried to stick together, right?
It was awful watching all the students walk in looking just as miserable as Gabi. Poor kids. She probably needed to invest in some psych classes over the summer so she could start offering some more mental health services....provided they ever got out of here, of course. "Good morning," she nodded in reply.

Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Ohhh, this sucked. Absolutely sucked. Not only was she being SINGLED OUT, they were making her sit on the RIGHT side of the room. She wanted the LEFT side. It was HER SIDE. She slouched into the seat beside Mamie and crossed her arms, the pure image of cool, calm and collected. Plus numb, brave, and angry. Which one of those people would win today? "Hey Recard." The hoods could make her pollute the world with their rhetoric, but they couldn't stop her from being informal. Next year, if she was still alive, she swore she would wear brightly colored socks everywhere, just to mess with people. Take that, Hogwarts. Ash was the QUEEN of passive-aggressive.
Normally, Gabi would have docked a point or two for that cavalier attitude. But considering the circumstances she was going to let it slide...for now. "PROFESSOR Recard," she reminded the girl with a small smile. It was safe here in this classroom, Ashley knew that, yes?

Originally Posted by pundantic View Post
Kale Trent was here. In body. That had to count for something, right? His spirit was MIA.

After DADA, he'd been as good as a ghost save a few performative moments with his friends who were worried about him. It looked like today was the same. There was something happening under those pink locks, but the specifics of what were anyone's guess.

The fifth year didn't bother addressing the Professor when he walked in. He wasn't intentionally being rude. It was more like he didn't notice Recard standing there. And he wasn't much better when he wandered to his seat.

He sat silently and waited.
Gabi hadn't asked for many details when she heard what had happened during the DADA class, but she knew enough to know that poor Kale Trent was yet again at the center of it.

"Hello Mister Trent," she greeted him even though he hadn't acknowledged her, but as usual, she didn't blame him.

Originally Posted by AlwaysSnapesGirl View Post
Though she felt like a deflated balloon these days, Ivy was also trying not to show it much. She wasn't the only one feeling that way, for obvious reasons, and she also knew she didn't have it as bad as some did, so the least she could do was try not to bring everyone down even more. It was the only way she could do anything worthwhile.

"Hi, Professor," she said, managing a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes. Then she took a seat near Kale, and though she wanted to say something, chatting before a lesson wasn't exactly encouraged this term, so she remained silent as she instead focused on getting out her parchment and quill for note-taking.
Gabi watched as Ivy took her seat near Kale and flashed her a small smile. "Hello, Miss Grimm," she replied in greeting.

Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
Phoebe found some small comfort in Professor Recard's classroom. It wasn't that the subject was warm and fuzzy, but Recard had proven time and again that she wouldn't let anything bad happen to them. Or that she'd fight the good fight, even if she was overcome by events.

She plopped unceremoniously into a seat on the left hand side of the classroom, near enough to Kale without crowding him. Professor Recard got a tiiiiiny smile and a half wink before her attention returned to her hands clasped on the desk in front of her. Yay, History.
Gabi always appreciated Phoebe's enthusiasm, and smiled at her in return as she took her seat. The whole class was rather quiet as they came in - but that was to be expected, considering what was going on.

Originally Posted by sarahlooo View Post
History of Magic. Louise had never been more happy to go to this class. It was boring (sorry, professor), which meant that no one would get KILLED. No dragons, no muggles being used as an object lesson [s]and getting killed right before her eyes[s]. It was just a plain, simple history lesson. No danger.

The last time Louise had seen Professor Recard was in the hospital wing right after the chaotic field trip to the dragon reserve. She had sprained her ankle after being picked up and DROPPED by a dragon (she was still rather traumatized by the whole thing) and landed funny, despite the cushioning spell that someone had sent to the ground for her.

With that in mind, Louise entered the room and gave Professor Recard and small nod. "Hi professor," she said quietly, thankful all over again for her quick healing skills. Then she took a seat on the left side of the classroom, her eyes flickering over to Kale very briefly as she opened her history book. He didn't look too well, did he?
"Hello Miss Bones," Gabi smiled at the girl, glad to see that she seemed to be up and on her feet today. She was lucky she hadn't gotten MORE injured during that cursed field trip.

Originally Posted by siriusblackliveson View Post
Charlie walked into the classroom hearing that muggleborns should be on the right. so that meant she could go sit on the left, right? Why was everything still so boring when she walked through the door. Was learning about the history of magic really that important? Sometimes she really hated that the hood brigade was all about how magic was superior. Sighing, "Hello Professor." Before sitting down on the left side tucking a curl behind her ear.
Gabi could sense the disappointment in Charlotte as she sat down, separated from the rest of her muggleborn classmates. Gabi hated to do it, but it was a completely harmless act that she could do to assure that Rosier thought she was following along with him - even though that obviously wasn't true. Heck, she was sure the man didn't even believe it himself. Still, it was the least she could do to try and keep up the facade and keep them safe. She smiled at her as she sat down. "Good day, Miss Rivers."

Originally Posted by Uncle Moose View Post
No words from Moose to Recard as he came into class. Right watch them carefully because he and his new found kin with the other Muggleborns in the school were obviously planning the revolution to take down all the more skilled and dangerous adults. If Moose could have a say about seating he'd separate the Muggleborns from each other too. Don't want them breeding like the rats this school clearly thought they represented. Damn, Moose hated this place so much.

He grabbed a seat on the right side of the Class and sat behind Mamie, and Ash then put his elbow on the desk resting his cheek in the palm of his hand to look as bored as possible. That was hardly the case now though. Moose was actually intent on learning this magical history to better understand the hate that was directed toward his kind.
Goodness, Gabi hadn't even started talking yet and Moose looked like he was going to fall asleep. Was he alright? Who was she kidding - no one was alright. Still, he got a nod of acknowledgement as he sat down.

Cult taking over Hogwarts aside, her no-sleeping-in-class policy still stood. Hopefully he was smart enough to know that.

Originally Posted by Watson View Post
History of Magic had once been one of the classes that he looked forward too. He thought of the first time he walked into the classroom as a bright eyed Illvermorny transferee. Full of hope and excitement to be attending such a terrific school. Sixth year had been alright but this year.... this year had stolen the cake by far in tragedy.

He bit his lip as he entered the room to refrain himself from making a comment. Noah originally hadn’t planned on meeting the Professor’s gaze but felt bad if he did. This wasn’t her fault - and besides- she was probably trying to survive too.... They all were. And she was kind.... As the days went on with Rosier in charge, the more and more cautious Noah became around his Professors.

He nodded to Professor Recard and offered a small, small smile. It was all he could muster with everything going on and he wasn’t going to provoke the Neo-Alliance... There had been a time where he had lied about his blood status but doing that .... wasn’t going to end well. This he was finally heeding Aboli’s advice and staying quiet.

Noah took his seat on the right side of the classroom, slipping into the seat next to Moose.
Noah received a small smile and head nod of acknowledgement as he entered, just as all his other peers had. Merlin, it was quiet in here. Gabi hated it.

Originally Posted by Tegz View Post
Unlike others, Flynn had no problems crowding Kale right now. It just seemed like a good idea. Like Kale needed a tether. So the Hufflepuff went ahead and sat right next to him, then immediately reached out and gave his hand a squeeze. Other people got tired smiles, including the professor, but Flynn didn't say anything.

It was just a lot. Focusing on trying to be there for Kale was the most he could manage right now. Even break-up things weren't on his mind anymore.
It was quite heartworming to see so many people comforting Kale. She didn't want to put the boy on blast and approach him to comfort him as well - he knew where the Hospital Wing, she was sure. She was always there to help if he needed anything to calm himself and come to terms with what had happened.

That went for everyone too, they all knew that. She was sure they did.

Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Kinsay felt a little lost. Processing the Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson was hard. It helped that she and Emm were back together and stronger than ever, but. Everything was still hard. This whole term was one disaster right after the other and Kinsay was tired. The kind of tired that seeped through your bones.

She quickly made her way into the classroom, not wanting to bother with hellos, but mumbling a quiet "hi," despite. It wasn't Professor Recard's fault. She was trying her best, really she was. Kizzy could tell. Kizzy also owed her big time for saving Phoebe's face. It was something Kiz thought about each time they had history lessons. Made it a little easier to sit through them, even if her mind was in a million different places at once.

Doing a quick survey of the classroom, she noticed her friend, Moose, and almost began walking towards the empty seat nearest him before stopping herself when she remembered things. Very important things. Like where she was meant to be sitting. With that in mind, she course corrected and moved towards the other side of the room to take a seat there instead. She made sure to save empty seats for Emm and Teddy.
Poor Kinsay. She could hardly imagine what she was thinking. Gabi watched her re-direct to the other side of the room and smiled. "Good day Miss James," she greeted her, having heard her very very small greeting as she entered.

Originally Posted by Felixir View Post
“Good morning, Professor Recard.”

Nem spoke as calmly and casually as ever as they entered the classroom and greeted the professor, like it was just another day. Which, unfortunately, it was. Things were getting way too settled once again, catapulting Nem straight back into the everyday boredom they’d been plagued with for years. That dead muggle was both blessing and curse; much the same could be said for all of these recent events. Every time something happened, it ceased to be enough almost immediately, if it even had been enough to begin with.

As much as Nem might have tried to spin things to say they were deliberately trying to act cool, calm, and collected as a means of survival, that acting normal was all part of disconnecting, they weren’t really trying very hard to make it seem that way. They weren’t really trying hard to make anything seem like anything. What was the point? It had stopped being remotely stimulating. Nem wanted to do something.

Bypassing every student, the professor, and the board without so much as a glance, Nem took up a seat on the left hand side of the room, right at the back. They propped their chin in their hand, and stared listlessly out of the window.
"Good day to you as well," Gabi greeted Nemesis as they walked in. She never quite knew what was going on in that head of theirs - but she thought back to their conversation in the hospital wing, and was quite proud of the Slytherin for managing to keep their head down. From what she could tell, at least.

Originally Posted by Bryn View Post
Eden came in and quickly found a seat with her fellow dirty-blooded wastes of magic. Gang gang. She didn't bother greeting the teacher and only nodded to her fellow muggleborns in greeting before taking out her "note-taking" materials. The first year fully intended on using this period to work on homework for other classes.

Because History Of Magic was a waste of time.

Lessons outside of actual practical magic? Pffttt. Pro-Alliance, Anti-Eden Tilly propaganda, no doubt. She'd pass and read a library book from a more sane era (of which the wizarding world seemed to have previous few) in her free time if she felt compelled to learn Wizstory.

Sorry, Recard.
Someone was NOT in a good mood today. Gabi shot her a sympathetic look as she sat down, keeping quiet as she had and letting her keep to herself.

Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Dahlia arrived on time and in silence. There wasn't much to say lately and even less worth saying. If there was a smile on her face at all (and there wasn't right now), it was very small and fleeting.

Barely had she stepped foot into the classroom and already directions had to be followed. Being separated by blood status was silly but right now, all she wanted to do was sit down before she fell down.

"Hello, Professor," she whispered softly, noting the woman looked as tired and bad as she herself felt. Quietly she slipped down into an empty chair on the right side of the room, taking out all the materials she needed for the lesson.
Another soft and sad greeting. "Hello Miss Donovan," Gabi greeted the Ravenclaw as she came in.

Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
Since the DADA lesson, Heath found it harder to go on acting unaffected by everything going on. He could barely sleep anymore for seeing that dead muggle's panicked face and hearing the screams of the ones trapped in that barn every time he closed his eyes. He blinked groggily as he entered the History of Magic classroom, keeping his gaze down to hide the dark bags under his eyes. "Hello, Professor Recard," he greeted, sparing the woman a passing glance. Noticing how tired she looked made him feel slightly less self-conscious about his own tired appearance, and his heart went out to her. This was taking its toll on everyone!

Blink, blink. The seating according to blood status caught him off guard - he didn't know why. Blood status seemed to be the only thing that mattered anymore! - and once again, he felt that conflicting pull between the two halves of himself. He wasn't muggleborn, but was there too much muggle in him to belong on the left side of the room? He took a seat on the left side toward the middle. Not on the muggleborn side, but not too far into the wizard side, just in case he didn't belong there either.
"Hello Mister Jones," Gabi greeted Heath, raising an eyebrow slightly as she watched him pick an interesting spot in the middle of the room. She hoped the squad didn't make an appearance as that could possibly be interpreted as failing to take a side - and as they all knew, they did NOT like when you were indecisive about these things.

Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
If the Hufflepuff had looked tired in the previous lessons, it was nothing compared to how he looked today.

After the terrible field trip and witnessing the killing curse being used right in front of him had caused him to get nightmares which kept him up most of the nights.

Muggleborns on the right …. It didn’t even bother him anymore. He was starting to get numb to the treatment he and the other Muggleborns were getting in every class. ”Hello professor” He greeted, his voice monotone and cheerfulness which had left him a long time ago . He turned to walk over to the right side of the room and took a seat on a random chair before staring in front of him, looking in to space.
Everyone looked exhausted. Perhaps Gabi needed to make another batch of sleeping potions. Or ten.

"Hello Mister Yoon," she said sadly as she watched him numbly take his seat.

Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post
Her Head of House didn’t look so… hot. Naturally, the Snakette knew why and so, she chose not to comment on the matter. The seating arrangements made her feel disgusted, however. It was sad how the Muggleborns were being treated. Still, as she valued her life, she remained silent on that too. “Hi, Professor.’’ And Claudine moved to the left side of the room. Spotting Heath, she slipped into the seat beside him. “Hey, you,’’ she whispered then quickly busied herself with getting her materials for the lesson out.

It was going to be another interesting lesson based on the topic on the board. Unless The Hoods turned up.
Claudine made the right decision deciding not to comment on it. Gabi knew she looked rough, but having it pointed out? She would have definitely had WORDS for the young snake.

"Hello Miss Blaze," Gabi replied.

Well, it looked like that was everyone. Gabi raised her wand and closed the door - which would hopefully keep the hooded figures out as well. Although she was quite certain they still had their ways of finding out what happened behind closed doors.

"Good morning everyone. As you can see, the lesson of today's lesson is none other than Albus Dumbledore himself," she said with a small smile. Despite putting on a happy face, and being pleased that no unwelcome visitors had entered her classroom, she still seemed less...peppy than usual. "It goes without saying that he was a very influential wizard who had a huge impact on many wizarding world events in the 20th century."

"To show just how much he made an impact on wizarding society, we're going to start off by listing any facts you know about Albus Dumbledore. Anything. It can be about his family, his life at Hogwarts, his relationship with Grindelwald or Harry Potter...try to not repeat answers. I want to make this list of important facts about Albus Dumbledore as LONG as we can," she challenged them before turning to the class and waiting for the first hand to raise.

OOC: Annnnd class is underway! Remember, if you post AFTER this, and you did not get to post your character entering the class, just pretend you were here the whole time. Posting your character arriving late WILL result in docked house points!

First question is up - what do you know about Albus Dumbledore? Get creative! Try not to repeat answers - which should be easy since we know Dumbledore's history is MASSIVE! Class will resume in roughly 24 hours. As always nudge me with any questions!
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