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Considering the nightmare she was having at that exact moment, Ivy was almost grateful for that alarm that jolted her right out of it. Almost. Because then came Rosier's voice and his words ringing through the castle, and she was not grateful for that, not in the slightest.

But it didn't really matter what she felt, did it? She threw her blankets off, shoved her feet into a pair of socks, and hurried out of the dorm. She had so many flights of stairs she had to cover in ten minutes between the Ravenclaw tower and the courtyard, there was no way she was risking that time by trying to get dressed. Thankfully, at least, she'd gotten used to sleeping with her wand in its holster on her arm, so she didn't have to think about grabbing it in her panic.

Professor Kitridge had already been out in the corridor, and Ivy felt a momentary relief that she had a professor to follow along with. Even though she was moving as fast as she possibly could, it felt like time was melting away faster than normal. She spotted Professor Peralta too, but her brain hardly registered any of the students that were running by. She just needed to get o the courtyard.

And finally, she was here, huffing and puffing into the cold early morning air, but trying to quickly and quietly get her breathing under control. She doubted she was the only one who wasn't used to sprinting down several flights of stairs, but she still wanted to draw as little attention to herself as possible right now, not knowing what was in store for them.

Joining the crowd, she found a spot by Avalon to stand, still trying to steady her breathing, wrapping her arms around herself to stave off the cold. A warming charm would be needed, but she'd deal with that in a couple minutes.
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