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“Good morning, Professor Recard.”

Nem spoke as calmly and casually as ever as they entered the classroom and greeted the professor, like it was just another day. Which, unfortunately, it was. Things were getting way too settled once again, catapulting Nem straight back into the everyday boredom they’d been plagued with for years. That dead muggle was both blessing and curse; much the same could be said for all of these recent events. Every time something happened, it ceased to be enough almost immediately, if it even had been enough to begin with.

As much as Nem might have tried to spin things to say they were deliberately trying to act cool, calm, and collected as a means of survival, that acting normal was all part of disconnecting, they weren’t really trying very hard to make it seem that way. They weren’t really trying hard to make anything seem like anything. What was the point? It had stopped being remotely stimulating. Nem wanted to do something.

Bypassing every student, the professor, and the board without so much as a glance, Nem took up a seat on the left hand side of the room, right at the back. They propped their chin in their hand, and stared listlessly out of the window.
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