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Kinsay felt a little lost. Processing the Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson was hard. It helped that she and Emm were back together and stronger than ever, but. Everything was still hard. This whole term was one disaster right after the other and Kinsay was tired. The kind of tired that seeped through your bones.

She quickly made her way into the classroom, not wanting to bother with hellos, but mumbling a quiet "hi," despite. It wasn't Professor Recard's fault. She was trying her best, really she was. Kizzy could tell. Kizzy also owed her big time for saving Phoebe's face. It was something Kiz thought about each time they had history lessons. Made it a little easier to sit through them, even if her mind was in a million different places at once.

Doing a quick survey of the classroom, she noticed her friend, Moose, and almost began walking towards the empty seat nearest him before stopping herself when she remembered things. Very important things. Like where she was meant to be sitting. With that in mind, she course corrected and moved towards the other side of the room to take a seat there instead. She made sure to save empty seats for Emm and Teddy.
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