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History of Magic had once been one of the classes that he looked forward too. He thought of the first time he walked into the classroom as a bright eyed Illvermorny transferee. Full of hope and excitement to be attending such a terrific school. Sixth year had been alright but this year.... this year had stolen the cake by far in tragedy.

He bit his lip as he entered the room to refrain himself from making a comment. Noah originally hadnít planned on meeting the Professorís gaze but felt bad if he did. This wasnít her fault - and besides- she was probably trying to survive too.... They all were. And she was kind.... As the days went on with Rosier in charge, the more and more cautious Noah became around his Professors.

He nodded to Professor Recard and offered a small, small smile. It was all he could muster with everything going on and he wasnít going to provoke the Neo-Alliance... There had been a time where he had lied about his blood status but doing that .... wasnít going to end well. This he was finally heeding Aboliís advice and staying quiet.

Noah took his seat on the right side of the classroom, slipping into the seat next to Moose.
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