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After everything that had happened, Gracelyn was emotionally exhausted. She had still tried to do yoga, or at least some stretching in her dorm room, but it wasn’t exactly accomplishing in calming her thoughts down. Not one bit. Not when she was constantly in fear of seeing any muggleborn friends of hers being, well, killed. The Muggle in the DADA lesson seemed to prove it wasn’t a crazy thought, no matter how much she wished it was. No matter how much she wished she could go to sleep one night and when she woke up the next morning everything was back to normal. That all of this was just some sort of nightmare, but then that would also mean it was a nightmare she wasn’t waking up from and it was stretching the Hufflepuff to her breaking point.

“Hi Professor Recard,” she had greeted the woman, trying to muster up a smile but ultimately failing. It was just too hard, even if she trusted the healer to have their best interests at heart. Evidence seemed to have shown the woman did, after all, but still, it was hard to act happy. She had given Cece a little nudge as she passed her on her way to a seat nearby though. Friends tried to stick together, right?
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