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In a shocking turn of events, History of Magic was no longer Mamie's least favourite class. Not due to her being any better at it, or due to actually liking it any better or finding history less boring, but due to Defense being just...traumatizing. Come to think of it, that Creatures field trip was also traumatizing.

She hoped this wasn't a new trend.

"Good morning, Professor Recard." Their healer looked exhausted, Mamie she needed her own healer, even. Perhaps St. Mungo's could send someone to help her out? There did seem to be more injuries this term, compared to last year. Well, at least that Mamie had noticed.

She sat on the right side of the room, trying to aim for the middle as much as she could. She didn't like being singled out due to not having a magical family, but...well, the other Muggleborns were feeling more like her family day by day. As she settled into her seat, she sighed. How many months until summer now? Would they even be allowed to go home then?
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