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Arm in arm with Anna and with a messenger bag full of shrunken down books, Kalen led the two of them away from the bookstore and down the street to find food. He was still chatting happily about pirates and hidden treasure and while he was sure Anna had stopped listening a while ago, he didn't care. He was just happy to have the afternoon off of work and school and to be out and about with her. She was fun. She was perky. She made fun of him but didn't make him feel stupid or silly. She was currently his favorite person in London and perhaps all of Europe.

"You know why pirates had earrings right?" he was saying as they approached the Cauldron Bread stand. Hey, he was still a poor college kid alright?! And these things were pretty good. "They thought that piercing their skin with precious metals could improve eyesight, ward off ill health and have many other positive effects. I wonder who convinced them of that! Probably some crafty colonial wizard."
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