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Default muggleborns with pitchforks

Since Ash was being perfect today, she landed gracefully on her feet. She realized the way she was holding the pitchfork was more than a little threatening, so she dropped it immediately. She really wanted to scratch "save us" into the ground, but that would be a death sentence. Hopefully the dragonologists were trained in spotting people who needed rescuing. "I like Quinn's idea. I like his idea. IlikeitIlikeitIlikeit. Let's do that. We can do some peoplewatching AND dragonwatching, if y'know what I mean." pleeease, Minjae(who was basically their babysitter). pleeeease. "Make sure to be safe though." In more ways than one. "Wouldn't want anyone getting hurt or killed on THIS field trip. No mistakes. No dumb decisions."

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