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Heath trudged along the path, paying no mind to the dreary conditions. Inclement weather was the least of his worries! He was prepared with warm winter clothes and waterproofing charms, and besides, the mist was practically the only thing about this day that didn't give him a weird vibe!

He blinked, unsure what to make of the scene in front of him as his eyes darted from the professor (and his teacup) to the assortment of rubbish, then to the hoods spread out. It took him all of two seconds to figure out what the rubbish was for, and his blood ran cold. Any other time, he would be excited to go on a field trip, but the hoods’ presence put a damper on his mood. Why would Rosier allow a field trip after he’d gone to such extreme measures to cut them off from the outside world? There was only one reason he could think of, and Merlin, he hoped he was wrong! He was caught off guard by the professor’s growl, but he could hardly blame him for being on edge. “Hello, Professor,” he greeted, nodding politely in acknowledgement.

Heath’s first instinct was to beeline for Claudine at the old boot, but it looked crowded there. Williamson said gather in groups of four, and he was pretty sure there were more than four there already. Not wanting to make trouble, he joined a couple of his younger housemates (Irithel & Ivy) at the broken broom instead.
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