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As of lately Tadhg's mood matched the gloomy and overcast sky today, he was sad about how his Muggleborn friends were treated, he wanted nothing more then to help them. What made it worse and hurt him that he couldn't, he couldn't cause he might get hurt or worse killed. His mind elsewhere he walked towards Care of Magical Creatures class was taking place, first thing he noticed was the junk here and there, must be portkeys. His eyes looking around he noticed the hooded figures, oh... lovely what joy having them here as always.... not!

His robe and shoes with charms to make them waterproof he walked towards Professor Williamson and nodded. "Hello Professor, hope your well looks like it might rain." Seeing Dahlia by a rusty old tea kettle he gave her a quick smile and stood beside her. Shooting a look at his friend Quinn a sympathetic look and frown as he stood by the pile of mud and pitchforks. Clenching his fist he felt his blood boil in rage at the sight of it.

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