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Finneas Schmoe

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Kinsay James
Third Year
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Yasmin Golshiri

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Tomasz Łaska
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Everything was terrible and Kinsay didn't want to attend classes anymore. She wanted to cry ALL the time. She wouldn't. But she wanted to. It would be the easy way to go.

Unfortunately she didn't have much of a choice in the matter, so she managed to drag her feet to-



All it took was seeing the Hoods(TM) and she was ready to turn right back around. Only she knew that would make things worse. So for the sake of her safety (and her face), she silently moved inside trying not to look as terrorized as she felt. She was tunnel visioned in on Cece, whom she moved towards silently. There'd be no hellos from this second year. Just a whole lot of clinging. Hopefully Professor Williamson would understand. It was also hard to look him in the eyes after the Incident. There were a lot of things that were harder to do after then.
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