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Ahhhaaaa, Avalon! Aboli REALLY wasn't going to make this easy! She bounced to the right, shot a "fake" spell at her again, then JUMPED to the left, spinning and cackling. She wondered if she'd be this annoying during a REAL duel. Or a REAL duel with someone she was legitimately trying to escape murder from, not just a duel partner from school.


The spell hit Aboli's wand, and it flicked from her hand less enthusiastically than before, but she was still disarmed! "See? I think you do have it. God, wouldn't it be nice to be able to do wandless magic? I don't know anyone who can," she quickly went to collect her wand from the floor. She didn't know that many biiiiig and powerful magical folk, though. Did any of the professors here know how to do wandless magic? Peralta? Hmm. "But that's a future me problem. Most people can't even do it anyway. OH - " She grinned. "Random, but related....can you produce a patronus?" Aboli was curious about her peers since she couldn't really produce a corporeal one yet. Hers was still a thick, blue-ish silver mist. Sometimes, she SWORE she could almost make out an animal's head, but....nope.

Still just misty.
hiss.__________________________________________________ _BOOM.

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