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Were her dragonhide gloves made from a dragon who died of natural causes? Irithel had no idea. As she entered the fenced-off area for Care of Magical Creatures, wearing warm winter clothes and gloves, she had a random thought to visit Madam Malkin's this summer and ask about their production method. The sight of rubbish everywhere around her jolted her out of her thoughts. They looked like they were completely unrelated to this subject, so they must be - Portkeys! Dang it, Ashley beat her to it. Annoyed that she missed a perfect chance to show off, she turned to greet WWW and had to stifle a giggle. He looked grumpy as usual, but the cute little teacup was new. Was this also a Neo-Alliance thing? Hehehe.

"Hi, Professor. Do you think it will rain?" she said instead of pointing out the teacup. Talking about the weather, classic. She did bring an umbrella just in case, and she held it up to show him before following his instruction to stand by a broken broom. When she heard that Muggle-borns were to gather somewhere else, she glanced over at ... the pile of mud. That wiped the smile off her face. She looked away from Minjae and Ashley and tried to tune out her roommate's theory about mud and blood.

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