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The dark and dreary weather conditions weren't really anything new this time of year. Dahlia was used to it and her attire was taken into consideration for it this time. She had asked her big sister to cast a weathering charm on her robes in case of potential rain as well as her shoes. In her bag was her dragonhide gloves and anything else she might end up needing for the lesson.

The warning not to touch anything didn't come as a surprise anymore, nor did the muggles being separated from the rest of the class. It was all getting to be fairly routine and this only made her even more sad. When was it all going to end? When was help going to come and stop all of this so they could learn how they were supposed? Lia had come to believe that help wasn't coming... not anytime soon. They were all in this themselves and had to help one another the best they could, usually by keeping their mouths shut.

"Good morning, Professor," Dahlia whispered softly, a tiny momentary hint of a smile on her lips. Creatures was still at the top of her list of things she loved. Without another sound she went to stand near that rusty tea kettle and waited for any further instructions.
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