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Jasper always enjoyed outings with his father, especially when it was just the two of them. He liked it when Maggie joined too, but sometimes it was nice to have baba all to himself. Man to man. She didn't understand man things, the same way Jasper wouldn't ever understand girl talk between Maggie and their maman.

He matched Hassan's pace, trying to time his strides with his father's. Walking down the streets of Diagon Alley always made him feel like a grown up, for some reason. "Baba, can we get some confetti popcorn for Maggie?" Jasper looked up with hopeful eyes and a big, boyish grin as they walked by the various street vendors. Maggie hadn't tried it before and as her older brother, it was Jasper's duty to get her to try new things. He took being an older brother very seriously.

That and... Jasper was really, really craving confetti popcorn.

He'd save most of it for Maggie though! ....... Promise!

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