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More and more, Atlas could not look at Professor Schmoe and today was a class where his eyes stayed GLUED to his feet. It was obvious to the Gryffindor what was going on, what Rosier and The Hoods™ must be doing to him behind closed doors, and the blonde had berated himself to horribly the other night for feeling relieved that at least there were not doing it in front of students. The whole thing made him sick to his stomach and was why Atlas had skipped over eating entirely. Any day there was a Muggle Studies lesson was a day he struggled to eat. And drink, for that matter, which helped maintain an empty bladder since THEY were always present as well.

Quickly shuffling to find himself a seat besides fellow first year Delilah, he did what he did best these days....and kept his head down. Maybe a middle seat would be safer than somewhere around the perimeter where The Hoods™ walked around with more ease.

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