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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Dahlia hadn't meant to make him blush but the hint of pink color on his cheeks was nice. Definitely a plus and she would take it anytime over tears. "Now you can say that you've fallen from a treehouse and didn't get hurt." No one really had to know he was caught by magic and safely lowered to the ground.

The more Lia looked around, the more she liked it up here. This would make a great hideaway spot when she needed time to herself. "We can celebrate our birthdays up here. A little bit of enjoyment away from all of...that." She waved a hand in the direction of the castle. Any other reasons for being up here would remain unspoken, chances were low that she would use this spot for practicing though. Too much damage could happen should a spell go wrong.

Lia smiled at him. "It did sorta look like fun. What did it feel like?"
Quinn nodded. "My Muggle friend would get a kick out of that one. No broken bones for me!" He thought about Mari and how she was doing in school without him. Probably better than he was, in any case.

Quinn's eyes lit up. "We could totally celebrate birthdays here! My birthday is in July, so we couldn't celebrate mine, but definitely our other friends! I could bake a cake!" He thought about his previous attempts at baking—they hadn't gone super well, but the more recent ones weren't inedible, at least. "A-as long as I don't burn it..."

Quinn thought for a moment. "You know that feeling when you're on a rollercoaster, and right before a big drop you lift up in your seat and you get butterflies in your stomach? It was kinda like that, but it wasn't as exciting. It was more peaceful."
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