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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
With a family as large as hers, knows how important it is to let people be who they are. Everyone reacted differently and felt differently about things. So if he was a worrier, that was A-okay with her. Perhaps her being a bit more laid back at times and adventurous would balance that out.

Lia would've held her hand out to help him up onto the platform but there was no need to. With Quinn now standing beside her, the Ravenclaw allowed herself to really take in this treehouse and how HUGE it truly was. Much larger then it looked from the ground. "Yeah, now that we know a fall won't land us in the hospital wing." She grinned over at him lightly.

"This is awesome. It would make a great place for parties or study sessions." Lots of open space and fresh air. Dahlia followed alongside him from room to room, taking everything in. "I think I'm going to be coming here a lot." In case he ever wanted to find here, looking here might be a good place to start.
Quinn blushed a bit at her joke and laughed. "Yeah..." It was embarrassing looking back on it, but it was kinda funny, too.

Quinn looked around at the spacious rooms, and in the tower and up at the loft. "Yeah, I think so too." This would be perfect for his practice sessions. Quinn thought about inviting Dahlia, but he didn't want to start off with too many people. Only the two people he was closest to, Atlas and Eden. That way it wouldn't be as dangerous—less people to know, less ways for it to get out, less people to be hurt for knowing. Though he hoped that, even if they were found out, they could play it off as innocent practice for classes rather than practice in case of a rebellion. "I really like it up here, honestly, so I might come up here, too. Plus, that floating stuff was kind of fun. Maybe I'll just come up here so I can float back down again," he giggled.
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