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Default INTO THE MAZE! Important notes here. Pls read this post. >:D
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Originally Posted by Inquisitorial Squad View Post
The two remaining hooded figures closed in on the professor with synchronized movements. Both were armed with their wands (one aspen and dragon heartstring, 14 inches, the other blackthorne and clabbert tooth, 13 1/2 inches).

Easily towering over the man, the two figures extended their long arms to point the tips of their wands over him. Then the larger of the two stepped forward, wordlessly warning him by placing its wand at his throat. There it hovered as if testing him to step out of line.

This behavior was unacceptable. The children would learn one way or another.

Without acknowledging his pathetic plea, they both turned and followed the children into the maze.

They would be watching.
Great, a wand to the throat. How predictable. Like this was so much worse than seeing a horde of trolls bear down on you or having a yeti grab you by the ankle and dangle you over the edge of a cliff. What was worse than the wands? The irritating reality that these hooded busybodies had to be wearing stilts. Or were they half-giants?! HOW were they taller than him?! He was almost six-and-half-feet tall! WITHOUT stilts! Head tilting back to avoid being nicked by the wand, saying NOTHING, Williamson threw as big a look of disgust as he could muster right back at them until they stepped back.

He tried hard not to snap his own wand from his irritated grip. He tucked it away instead, resisting the other desire to spit on the hoodies as they retreated into the maze. He whirled away from them, a furious scowl clouding up his now-red face.

Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post

Her teeth. Her beautiful teeth. And her hands. She was hurt. They’d hurt her. They hurt FEEBS! Cece felt faint seeing the damage, and she’d seen bludgers to the face type damage, but this felt different. This was Feebs. Her Feebs. She wanted to scream. But she didn’t. She didn’t move or scream or speak. She just stared, hands balled into fists. Thank Merlin for Yoyo because she was useless right now.

...And now she was expected to do an activity? Knowing Phoebe was hurt. Seeing the dark dummies threatening Williamson like that? HOW?

She just stood fixed to the spot for a moment, trying to shake off the shock, but like, this was hard.
"Don't just stand there, Cece. You might want to move before they come after you too," he growled, giving her shoulder a small, gentle shake as he passed by to see Gabi.

Originally Posted by Lissy Longbottom View Post
She paused and looked at Williamson. "Do you think I should stick around...just in case?" she asked him quietly as she walked up to him, eyeing the hooded figure he was talking too as she approached. Realistically, she couldn't be present at EVERY class to fix up any broken bones, but at the same time...she was starting to think her healer duty was going to end up taking over her professor duty this term.
How did Phoebe look? Alive? Great. Willy couldn't look at her at the moment. He'd let her and all the kids down. He needed to get a grip on his fury, as now was NOT the time.

"Yes," came his terse reply, a muscle working in his jaw. "Uh, the creature in there... it can cause temporary blindness, if the kids aren't careful." He looked at Gabi with a deeply apologetic frown. "I'm sorry. They're just babies though... most kids will probably be fine if they wear the sunglasses."

Which reminded him... he needed to give the class a few last warnings before they took off.

"Listen up, everyone." Williamson cleared his throat to get their attention, but didn't raise his voice... much. He didn't want the watchers to hear these warnings necessarily. "You're about to head in. There are three BABY cockatrices in the maze, all three somewhat freshly hatched, all three far less deadly than their grown cousins." Think of the baby wampus they'd faced; it was practically harmless. "Use your jarveys and weasels to guide you. You just have to make it to the end of the maze. Uh, use spells. Don't try to KILL the cockatrices, alright, just... get around them. They can't kill you, for Merlin's sake, but it's still a good idea to avoid looking directly at them. Use your mirrors instead. If you need help, send up red sparks, but only if you ABSOLUTELY must be rescued." Because he wasn't sure he could get around to helping everyone before someone else in the maze go to them first.

And with that, he pointed to the start of the maze, where some of the branchy bushes moved aside to reveal a large opening: the entrance. "Good luck."

OOC: Right, main activity time! Don't RP for the jarveys or the cockatrices. I'll serve as a narrator of sorts to report on your progress. Just have fun!
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