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Originally Posted by NiallNIP View Post
Dahlia seemed really excited to be going up the rope ladder, and Quinn didn't want to ruin that. He stepped up to the ladder next to her, looking up as it swayed. "Um... we can go up together if you'd like, but... will it be able to hold both of us on the same rung..?" He thought this was a fair question, given they would be going up a fairly long and swaying rope ladder, and falling from high up didn't seem very pleasant. Quinn, of course, didn't know about the charms on the treehouse that allowed for a slower, softer fall, so he was expecting certain doom if something were to happen.
If Quinn had thought this was her being excited he hadn't a clue about how she could really get. This was nothing. Wait for him to see her on a sugar high or when she was having an amazing day. Or when that evil dude and his minions were gone! That would be some real excitement.

"Erm, possibly?" She truly had no idea if it would hold them both or not. "There's only one sure fire way to find out, right?" Dahlia gave him an encouraging smile and a nod of her head. "If it makes you feel better I can stay a rung or two ahead of you.. unless you'd rather be ahead of me?" Either way she didn't care who went first. As long as they made it to the top!

Even as she was speaking to him she had began to make the journey towards the top of the rope ladder, pausing briefly whenever she thought it was swaying a little to much. It wasn't so much that she was afraid of falling because she wasn't, she had fallen from a tree before but that was a story for another day. She was looking out for her friend, if he got hurt because of her, well... that wouldn't be good.
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