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Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
Hearing Quinn's laughed was refreshing and it made her smile quite a bit more. The were plenty of other words she could've used but that one always seemed to get a laugh or at the very least a smile. Just as it had done right now.

Bouncing every so slight on the balls of her feet, Lia cast a quick sideways glance over at Quinn. He didn't seem all that thrilled with the use of the rope ladder but he had okay'ed it anyhow. Interesting. He would rather do something that didn't sit well with him then take the stairs. Dahlia like that. "Cool. I'll go first if you want? Or we can climb up together? Stay side-by-side?" They both were small enough that it should work, right?

Without wasting another second, she walked over to the rope ladder and grabbed hold of it. "Ready?" Flashing him a warm smile, she put her foot onto one of the ropes and reached her hand up to grab hold of the rope above her head. Okay, so the rope ladder swayed a little, that was ummm... different.
Dahlia seemed really excited to be going up the rope ladder, and Quinn didn't want to ruin that. He stepped up to the ladder next to her, looking up as it swayed. "Um... we can go up together if you'd like, but... will it be able to hold both of us on the same rung..?" He thought this was a fair question, given they would be going up a fairly long and swaying rope ladder, and falling from high up didn't seem very pleasant. Quinn, of course, didn't know about the charms on the treehouse that allowed for a slower, softer fall, so he was expecting certain doom if something were to happen.
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