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Originally Posted by Granger Danger View Post
Tadhg heard about this place from his cousins, he was told that it was filled with several different creatures and a cool place to go. Tadhg was a creatures lover as well, due his father telling him so much about them, he came to love them. Although his favorite creatures were dragons, he also loved nifflers and Jarveys. He wondered if there was any of those in here, he was about to find out.

Walking into the place he looked around his eyes in awe, now this was definitely going to be his place to escape and get away, that's if those meanies didn't take it away. They already took the owls away, what was next? He was getting really tried of these guys and the Headmaster, they needed to go back where they came from! This year was supposed to be fun, not like this, he didn't like it at all.

Seeing a familiar bag, he smiled to himself and shook his head, he should've known she'll be here. Walking closer he flopped down beside her. "Hey Bubbles. " He said it loud enough so she'll hear him, but in a whisper so he didn't scare any of the creatures. " What creature are you waiting for? I wanted to see if any Jarveys were here, I want one but papa said that they're not always the friendliest."
Dahlia was enjoying the gentle breeze that blew across her face, taking several strands of her hair with it. This was nice. No one around, no noise except for that of the creatures.

Tipping her head back and closing her eyes, she let the sunshine wash over her. Energizing her as best as it could. Unaware of anyone else as their quiet footsteps had been muffled by the grass, Lia jumped, her eyes snapping open and looking around when she heard a voice. Her heart instantly raced in her chest and her voice caught in her throat in panic. It took a full minute for her brain to realize what had been said to her, for the voice to match the face of the boy that was now sat at her side.

"Don't do that..." she mumbled quietly, chewing the inside of her cheek. "You scared the heck out of me... I thought you were one of them..." She wouldn't be doing that again anytime soon. A moment of pure blissful content had been enough to make her lose focus of what was going on around her and given someone time to sneak up on her. Not good. Not good at all.

"Jarveys. They're around here somewhere. I haven't seen any today though," she whispered, glancing around yet again. "I want one too but my mum always says no. She says to nearly everything we ask for." If it weren't for her mum saying no, their dad would probably let them have almost anything.
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