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There. That was better. It was a shame he needed to move to such drastic measures, but what did they expect when they insisted on hurling insults and foolishly trying to be the hero. He wasn't asking for much, just that they did what they were told and answered his questions. He trusted he had gotten his point across now.

It was all too simple, fall in line and no one had to get hurt. No one. He didn't care enough about them to torture them for sport. But he would exercise his power if they continued this ridiculous defiance. Merlin knew what they expected to accomplish, outside of a few unsightly bruises or death.

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Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
ohhhhh, that hurt. Not as much as she expected, but a lot. She wisely said nothing, now even a whimper, as her LIFE WAS BEING THREATENED. Her heart was beating now, if it wasn't already. She looked around, hoping that nobody would yell at him anymore. Any of her classmates who she would have hated for staying stupid things got a pass after this point. "Well, sir, you aren't restricted by a desire to not kill anybody, so you could just... kill them and force an overthrow like you did here sir. Muggles have weapons, but they don't usually guarantee death. They don't have healing spells either. And the ministry can't stop you." And she said it with as much respect as possible. And nonchalantly. Best friend, if he was still alive, forgive her. Please. She knew he'd understand, though. Ash didn't cry. Instead, she just stood there as calmly as possible for someone who was in MORTAL PERIL. Please don't let her die. Pleaseee. She didn't beg out loud though.

Well well well, look who finally learned how to talk to those set in charge of her. Why Ashley Fox needed an entire wand to her throat to realise she needed to temper her responses was beyond him. Being a Ravenclaw, he thought the girl would be smarter. Apparently not. Apparently she was ruled by impulse and knew very little of self preservation.

"See? When you aren't running your mouth senselessly, you are capable of decent thought. Their weapons are no match for us. We could take them out easily."

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Oooooookay, that was enough of that. Phoebe left Quinn huddled on the floor with her handkerchief pressed to his forehead, since he seemed like he needed a private moment to collect himself. She rose slowly, expression wary. This man was unhinged, and he had a wand on baby Fox. Hopefully everyone else was taking this as seriously as Phoebe was... but knowing them, it was unlikely.

"They're nothing, right, sir? I mean, if they don't have magic and they live in ignorance of us, we could just continue to enjoy a society that is entirely separate from theirs. I don't spend my time worrying about what squirrels and feral cats are doing unless what they are doing impacts me. And... usually it doesn't. I would be perfectly happy to ignore Muggles for the rest of my life."

Yet another that was getting back in line. Good. Some said threats were unnecessary, but this lot was making it clear it was the only way to make them fall in line. If that was the case, so be it.

"That may be somewhat correct, James, but don't forget our societies keep clashing because of free radicals who do not know how to keep their distance. A more permanent solution is required."

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Quinn looked over as the Headmaster went over and threatened Ash. He covered his mouth, more tears escaping his eyes. He couldn't just... just...

Everyone had to answer.

Quinn stood from the ground, knees shaking as he did. He had to be here. He needed to be present. It would be dire if he wasn't. Quinn's whole body was shivering as he spoke, holding back his crying so he could answer. "W-w-we... we could... overthrow them... if we all, um," he sniffed, "...if we all rose up at once... we could just... take everything from them... hold them prisoner..." His voice broke; he hated the words that just left his mouth. He thought he was a Muggle for most of his life, and now he was supposed to stand up here and talk about how low and filthy they were? Almost everyone Quinn knew was a Muggle. They were good people, but... it was what he had to do.

"NOW you're thinking." The man nearly sounded excited as he all but congratulated the boy. Lucien paid very little attention to the obvious discomfort. He had brought it on himself and had muddled blood besides. But Rosier did like his answer. It showed how smart these children could be when they made an actual effort.

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Mamie clapped her hand over her mouth to suppress her terrified squeal as the scary fake headmaster grabbed her good friend Ashley by the hair. And threatened to kill her if they didn't answer the question?!? She took a few deep breaths to steady herself, but it didn't seem to work. But she had to answer for her friend. She was absolutely not going to cry in this class. She was twelve years old. Yes, she would keep telling herself that.

After a few more deep breaths... and minimal physical shaking... she raised her hand. "Sir..." she said, taking another deep breath to pretend she was brave. "Why...why not just make more wizards. Then the Mu-Muggles outnumbering us...they wouldn't be a threat." If the problem was that Muggles outnumbered wizards...they just needed a bigger population of wizards. Problem solved. Nobody murdered.

Answer given, she tried to shrink back into the crowd.

Lucien shook his head. "It's not enough to outnumber them. We must entirely destroy them in order to have a new world; a better world. You don't understand it now but you will some day."

But at least she was beginning to think and respond outside of trying to get herself killed.

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Curtis essentially tuned out everything that was happening. He was past disgusted at this point. If he was in his fourth year again, he had no doubt he'd be the first one dead for standing up to... him. He's not even a man. He couldn't help smirking at the memory of screaming at the real Headmaster as a huge meanie. He would love to get up another one's face and tell them off.

Of course, this smirk he put on could to the average viewer be mistaken as enjoying the site of the torture this classroom had become. But that was far from the truth, while he really didn't feel anything other than vague awareness that this entire behavior is wrong. He just enjoyed making another person react to him. Anywho, he still had to keep appearances up. Especially for how early it was in the year.

How do we take care of this problem? "It would have to be a quick process. Killing all would be time consuming and attract too much attention from the outside to be against the cause. I would say have them moved elsewhere like Pluto or another distant area, give them the guise that there's a better place for them. I'm sure controlling their leaders to direct the public into doing so would speed up the process." And then maybe he could leave too. He did not want to be part of any organization, he was not a team player by nature. But if he must...

Again, the man would have to shake his head. Don't get him wrong, he was pleased the students had finally taken the hint and were thinking, he just happened to think this idea was a bust.

"It will take far too many resources and far too much time to convince them all to leave the planet. Those resources could be put to better use developing the wizarding world."

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Right...somehow even silence bothered him. There was no way to win - or even live - without saying what he wanted to hear.

Ivy recalled now that he'd said the same last term, when he was still pretending to be Trent, but obviously the consequences were...much worse now that he wasn't pretending anymore.

So, no matter how horrible the words made her feel, risking Ashley's and anyone else's life was far, far more horrible. "Well," she began, doing her best to keep her voice steady, "we make sure they stay out of our society, and we do whatever we can to make sure we remain stronger than them."

"Vague, but for a first attempt, I can say you're thinking." Many of these children were thinking now that they were too busy focusing on how to tick him off. Wasn't life easier when they just fell in line?

"We'll need some amount of strong arming to get that accomplished." His alliance was prepared for that.

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Lilith’s eyes widened, a sharp gasp betraying her when Rosier grabbed a poor student by her hair and held a wand to her. Her brain seemed to release control of her body as she began to tremble in fear. She didn’t want to see anyone die. Lest a kid. SHE didn’t want to die. What if Rosier decided to go after families? At this point, she didn’t doubt it.

Clenching her jaw, her nails dug into her palms behind her back. She willed herself to stop shaking. It worked, but her icy blue eyes had a hint of fear, and she was okay with that. Lilith decided she’d try what Aboli had advised. It was the only way Lilith saw had more probability of her surviving...and not ending at the end of Rosier’s wand.

Think, Lilith. Think.

The more she did, the more her mom’s face flashed before her mind. Think, think, think.

“Typically when someone wants to remove a problem the best thing is to go to its source.” That sounded right….right? Think, Lilith. THINK. “ go to their leaders and...and take care of them…first. Their empire falls. The rest are left confused and scared...easier to manage.” Lilith hated it, but she looked at Rosier for approval of her answer. She didn’t want to die. She didn’t want to die.

This one got an approving nod of his head. "It would prove beneficial to remove their heads of government, yes. From there, with the people confused and chaotic, it would be all too easy to take them out. Good."

They were now thinking. It really was good.

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What kind of place was this? Why in Merlin’s name had her parents sent her here? Cam was horrified when some of her classmates suddenly had the work Liar placed on their foreheads. When one girl’s mouth disappeared, Camryn started to panic. Trying not to draw attention to herself, she tried to take some deep breaths as quietly as possible. She kept quiet when the “Headmaster” asked the first question. Maybe if she stayed quiet, she wouldn’t be noticed or lose her mouth.

That defense would not work for long because the evil man was now demanding that his next question be answered.......or else. On the verge of hyperventilating, Camryn tried to keep control. At the same time, she tried to come up with an acceptable answer. Then when one of the liar girls got her hair pulled and a wand drawn on her, the Gryffindor really almost lost it. How was she ever going to survive the year without getting on the wrong side of the Headmaster or having a nervous breakdown? She had to say something or she would be in trouble.

Camryn raised her hand and when she was called on, she tried to speak. “Umm.....if muggles aren’t acceptable, maybe we could just ignore them or.......they could live in one part of the world and witches and wizards could live in another. That way we wouldn’t have to be bothered with them.” Of course Cam did not really believe this, but it was all about self preservation at this point.

He almost facepalmed at this First Year. While there was a part of him that wanted to roll his eyes, the Headmaster reminded himself she was likely only 11 and still naive to the ways of the world.

"We can't simply live on separate sides. What happens when one side decides they prefer the side the other is on? Or that they need more space? No, it has to be one or the other." There was no other way.

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He had to answer these questions?! Moose only deduced what he believed Muggle Upliftment was on the parchment during the feast last night based on the general atmosphere. He new NOTHING of what the Muggle Society had done to the Magical one. There were the Salem Witch Trials but that was like half a millennium ago! wasn't until Summer last year that he thought any of them were actually real!!

He took his angry eyes off Rosier and moved the to the Ravenclaw girl who had Rosier's wand to her throat. Sure he was angry with her now too. She brought that on herself when she answered his question so defiantly. Glad it wasn't him with the wand to his throat. But he wasn't going to be responsible for her death.

So he did what Rosier wanted. He thought long and hard on this question. He looked at the girl's forehead and then felt a slight pain on his own. No more lying. He thought of his Grandfather. He remembered back to June of last year, and more recently. He knows how much his Grandfather hates him, probably fears him now. "My Grandfather, when I became magical. I made him disappear." He hated his Grandfather. So very much. Rosier was a very very very close 2nd place. "We could make them all disappear but in a much more permanent manner. Like they never existed to begin with." It was a farfetched idea, but one that could muster the most truthful response to. As far as Moose could tell, having this done might even be possible in this world.

He winced. Grabbing his forehead and rubbed it.

"I decidedly like the way you think when you decide to apply yourself, Stover." When everyone stopped clamming up or going all out with disrespect, they actually produce decent answers.

"We can and should make them disappear whenever we can. Good on you for doing that."

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Bernie needed at least two more arms to cover her eyes as well, because she was going to have the image of Kale twisting and writhing on the ground seared into her brain for the next year. At least when he was still moving, she knew he was alive. Now that had stopped and she wondered, she really wondered, if he was... dead? Could the Cruciatus curse kill someone? She wanted somebody, anybody to go check that he was still breathing.... someone but her, please. She was busy being a wallflower. She was still living in denial that this was happening and there was no way out of this room because the Headmaster had sealed the door.

But wait, there's more. Because of course the new headmaster had to grab Ashley Fox (her fellow possessed person!) and hold her hostage. Merlin. Could he just give them a break for one second. Bernie's blue eyes welled up partially from fear and partially from suppressed rage at her inability to help and her self-loathing for not even trying. Her hands were shaking as she took them down from her mouth to make fists at her side.

Fine, she would answer the question.

"Destroy them with their own devices," she stated flatly, doing her best to keep her emotions on the inside. Her quaking fists might have given her away, so she tucked them behind her back like Schmoe liked to stand. "Take their Muggle inventions and use magic to cause destruction. Bring down their airplanes with a spell. Put poisonous potions in their water supply. Use dementors to spread fear in their shopping malls and office buildings. Manipulate the weather to cause catastrophic storms that destroy many of them at once."

She shrugged as though it was nothing. "They'll just explain it away with a natural disaster or something else mundane anyway." Muggles didn't recognize magic when it was a cursed teacup biting them on the nose. She ought to know. Her own parents had refused to open her Hogwarts letters, even when there were three delivery owls sitting on their fire escape with scrolls tied to their feet.

"Well done, Grantham. It's almost enough to have me overlook your unfortunate status. It's methodical and the kind of thinking we subscribe to."

The girl had some use, it turned. If only she put it to good use more often. She could be a decent student in his eyes.

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Delaney just wanted to go home. She wished she missed the train. Maybe she could have convinced her father to homeschool her if he had been around. This headmaster was just straight up mean and horrible. The first year wished she could close her eyes and cry as she watched Rosier threaten a girl around the same age as herself. Under the desk she fiddled with her fingers nervously as she built up the courage to speak. She focused on Aboli’s words the night before in the common room. Play it smart. This was a game a survival now, don’t do anything stupid. Delaney had already observed from the lions where that would lead you. Mouthless. Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to….

Right. Back to the question at hand. The most peaceful way of getting rid of muggles would be to continue to…er, well…. mate… with them until there were only magical children left. With the exception of squibs eventually everyone would become half-bloods of some kind. But deep-down Delaney knew that wasn’t the answer Rosier was looking for. He didn’t think there was a place for Muggles in their society at all. Said so himself. He thought of them as a disease.

“Muggles are like pests,” the words tasted bitter on her tongue, but she pushed on, “When my family had a mouse infestation, we set traps all over to try and catch them or feed them poison so they would die instead of having more babies. But it would be kind of hard to do that to the muggles since they are spread out all over the world unless all the wizards in the world worked together.”

She felt shame deep in her chest. She felt like she was betraying her mother. But they would understand right?

This one got a short but amused laugh out of the man.

"Brilliant. They are pests. Perhaps we really should set traps for them, take them out." Had that really been so hard? If these children would only stop and think, they would realise they had the answers all along and there would be no need for a terrifying Headmaster.

It was simple math.

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Delilah very obviously winced at a few of her classmates' responses. Mainly one of the Slytherin girls (Granger Danger) who had probably just earned herself a crucio. She literally didn't think she could manage to watch that happen again. She, herself, had earned a second squint, which was a mild reaction compared to what some of the others had suffered through. Ashley, for example. Delilah very lightly gasped and squished her eyes shut as the man held one of her only Hogwarts friends at wandpoint. She cried on the inside, but definitely not on the outside. She wanted more than anything to help her friend. OKAY, OKAY. ENOUGH. She would talk!

"I...I agree with Nem," she said, her voice starting out weakly but growing stronger as she drew from a bravery deep inside her soul. She even managed to look the man in the eye as she spoke. "We shouldn't tolerate muggles, because they don't tolerate us. To them, having magic is evil, and they've punished our kind for it." She paused and blinked back a few tears. "We solve the problem by storming their society in the same way our castle was stormed. We use our power, and we instill a fear in them."

I'm sorry! I'm sorry to all my friends at the orphange! I'm sorry to every muggleborn at the castle! I'm sorry to myself for betraying my true, inner nature!

"Well done." Even the First Years were starting to get the hang of this. If they settled down long enough, really thought then these weren't difficult questions to answer.

"That would be a viable plan of action with greater planning and the force necessary to execute it."

Originally Posted by Watson View Post
This monster was not playing around.

Noah took in a sharp inhale after he had heard the threat about sending a second year - a CHILD- into the afterlife if the class failed to provide answers to his question. He balled his fists tighter (which he didn't think was possible) to stop himself from losing his temper. He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself. Fighting was not going to help anyone.

How do we get rid of Muggles in their world? His eyes scanned his peers and they landed on a fellow Seventh year (Curtis) who was smirking? What in the-?? Noah was about to react to his peer smirking; however, he remembered that Rosier was probably trying to watch their reactions to this. He frowned as he refocused on the question and the potential answer that Rosier was looking for. He liked the idea of sending the muggles away. It was kinder than other alternatives....

"You could turn them against each other by using the Imperius Curse on their leaders. Once they are against each other and broken apart, they will destroy each other. You wouldn't even have to dirty your hands."

"True as that may be, Nam, it does give us a mess to clean after. Wars are messy and will destroy much of the infrastructure we depend on as well."

The muggles could fight between themselves to the death, that wasn't the issue. The destruction that came with that was where the real issues came into play.

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Eden felt her whole body go still and the whole world go silent when Rosier threatened her housemate's life. Her anger melted away, replaced by pure shock. WHAT had she gotten herself into?

She took a deep breath as she contemplated his next question. Her hands shook and she didn't want her voice to shake, too. Her mind felt extra sharp despite her shaky exterior - "answer right or I commit murder" was quite motivational. And she didn't know if he could read her mind and know if she was lying...he probably wouldn't care about the inner workings of an eleven year old, though, right? But she really didn't want Ashley to die. So she'd need to find the most believable answer she could. "We could find a way to identify magical children in the muggle world at a younger have a spell on muggle hospitals that alerts the magical authorities..." she suggested, face blank and drained of color. "And put the children in a special... boarding program... where they could learn about magical culture and not grow up knowing any muggles. That way they lose their connection to their muggle past and don't "pollute" the magical world." It sounded completely evil to her, but not as horrible as outright genocide, which she assumed would be the Headmaster's preferred method of eradicating muggle culture.

She felt anger bubbling up again at the thought of anyone harming her family...but Eden knew she had an Anger Management Problem, so she started playing "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield in her head to ignore any thoughts that might spark an outburst. A girl's life was on the line.

"While it's obvious you've put a lot of thought into not harming muggles, taking magical children away at birth literally fixes nothing. They will still reproduce. They will still be left to wreak havoc as they please."

Left to remain a stain on society. It was simply not enough. In fact, it was scarcely a solution.

Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
Could anyone blame him though for not answering that question at first. No matter what he would have said, even if he had agreed with the man, he was a Muggleborn and his answer would not have been valid. But it suddenly became clear to him what the Headmaster truly wanted when the seventh year watched him grab Ashley.

'Stop it.. Stop it stop it stop it stop it'

"Sto---" it was the first half word he had stuttered and he hadn't meant to do so.

He remembered his last encounter with her in private in Diagon Alley where she didn't seem to be that excited to be going back to Hogwarts and how he had asked for a book recommendation but that all seemed so far away now.

He wanted to be a hero like in his video games. But he was only seventeen. What could he do against some so evil and twisted apart from trying not to break down because he wanted to look strong in front of the younger students.

"World... World leaders" he said, his voice sounded hoarse as if he had been yelling. "Control..." he began to breathe hard through his nose and he would have closed his eyes tightly if he hadn't been too afraid. "Control them and you're d-done" he felt like he needed to add more. Not that he wanted to but what choice did he have? Ashley's life was on the line here. Poor girl. "By using the impe... Imperius curse on them you can make them go against each other, make them start wars at the same time. This way you... We... You... We wouldn't have to lift a finger as they will do everything them-themselves because their armies are dumb enough to follow every wo-word. The less muggles there are the less chance there is for a Muggleborn to be bo-" He couldn't continue anymore. His breathing had become so irregular that he started to feel lightheaded, his mouth felt dry and he thought he could hear his heart pounding through his chest and he wondered if anyone else could hear it too.

He did not know how to answer because his mind did not work that way. He believed in equality. That muggle and Wizard could co-exist. He couldn't understand why the muggles today had to be punished for something that happened ages ago.

My, it seemed the Hufflepuff was truly struggling, wasn't he?

The Headmaster listened patiently, nodding along in sections. "Targeting world leaders would be a good way to get the ball rolling, yes. What we have them do, however, is where the problems may arise."

As he had just finished explaining to another student. Couldn't have the muggles destroying infrastructure they needed in the middle of the chaos.

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Feeling anger building up inside him he glared at the so called 'headmaster' in anger. Whoever he was he meant business, but hr wanted him to slither back into the hole he came out of! Looking at Fox he remained quiet and didn't say a word but his fist clenched in anger. Who did this man think he was? He was hurting a girl, and one thing he learned from his father anyone who hurt or touched a girl or women like that wasn't a man but a monster. He was a monster for sure and a mean and terrible man.

Looking at Fox, and back to the Headmaster he raised his hand which he thought it was stupid, he obviously wasn't showing respect to them, so why should they? " Muggles don't have the resources that we have magical wise, we could tortute them to insanity to where they beg for death, kill two birds with one stone get pleasure out of torturing them and getting rid of them." He felt disgusted by what he said, and felt like he waa going to be sick, but if it helped his fellow classmates why not right?

"Sounds like a time consuming endeavour." The Headmaster commented. While he did like the idea of torturing muggles, he liked the idea of ridding the world of them more. To get them out of the way and out of his sight forever would be the better option.

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Atlas was relieved that he had, er, already relieved himself earlier upon bearing witness to the Cruciatus Curse yet again. An empty bladder spared him and it was another little nugget of information that he tucked away for another day. Specifically the next time there was a Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson.

Or, well, it felt as though they needed to coin a new term for this subject this term. Magic Against Muggles. Couldn't very well call it Dark Arts because that would imply that muggles could perform magic which was...anyway...he was getting distracted by his thoughts of trying to be anywhere BUT here and doing so was putting his life literally on the line, as it turned out.

It was a good thing Atlas did not have a mouth, because he may have blurted out senselessly the mechanics behind involuntary bodily function as well as a bit of human biology. But that was before his brain and self preservation to catch up with the rest of him. a sense...Rosier had spared Atlas. Twice, actually. Since the man had also seen fit to charm away his liquid fear. One less pair of trousers to hide away and for the house elves.

Writing. He had to write. His hands were shaking a bit as he pulled his satchel bag around so he could get a spare bit of parchment and quill out to write. He wasn't...quite sure how he was going to balance all this inkwell included, to write down an answer in a timely fashion. And in a manner with which his penmanship was not utterly abysmal. Crouching down quickly and with his parchment on the ground with the inkwell beside it and quill shoved in to collect ink. He didn't want to write down an answer that Rosier wanted...but he didn't want to write down the truth either...but not answering at all...

...swallows thickly and clenches his jaw while thinking about this question from a very literal and practical stand point. When there was an infestation of anything, what did you do about it? What had they done about the ghoul that had showed up in the attic that one time? The gnomes in mum's garden? You spun them around to make them so dizzy that they didn't know their left from down and then you tossed them away.

His hand was shaking as he wrote, but it was not as bad as things could have been. His writing on his form had been much worse.

Rosier took a silent moment to read the boy's answer. It was not that it made no sense so much as..."They'll still be alive. It doesn't get rid of them, it just makes them not remember much."

The point was to entirely obliterate them from existence.

"Once they're gone, we can start altering memories to make it like they never existed, but not before."

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This man was heartless and it was terrifying. The hand that wasn’t squeezing Carherine’s was balled into a fist as Cecelia tried to process the fact that a second year’s life depended on the answers given to Rosier’s question. And her classmates were answering all right, answers that made her heart drop and her stomach somersault and her eyes sting. She was so angry and sad. She was sangry. She wanted to yell. But she didn’t.

This was the worst thing and it was only day 1...

”One could exile Muggles,” She managed, raising her gaze to meet the headmaster’s. Not kill them. Never kill. She’d never be able to suggest such a thing. ”There are plenty of remote islands, places off the grid where they wouldn’t have to be seen or heard from.” Out of sight, out of mind was the only answer she could manage and she hoped it was good enough.

"Remote islands are good resources. One can hardly waste them on muggles when it's so much easier to make them disappear entirely." Did Summers not stop to think that wizards might enjoy the islands for their vacations?

SPOILER!!: Flamsteed
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How was your brain supposed to work when ..... alll that was currently happening was happening. Aries watched in horror as the man tortured one boy, and then grabbed another girl by the hair.

It was horrible.

Actually horrible was an understatement.

Not even a tender look from his girlfriend could make the sick feeling in his stomach right. He only stared back at her helplessly - before reaching for a quill to write his answer with.

But he just couldn't come up with an answer - just couldn't. What could he write? His hands shook as he tried - and then just went on to write whatever he could think of when the word muggle came to mind.

Thankfully his writing was horrible enough for the answer to be almost unreadable. So, the horrible man could just ignore him too.

"That....may have been one of the most useless things I've ever read." Rosier blinked at the parchment, unsure if what he read was what was really there. A second scanning of the boy's words proved in fact the boy had wasted his time.

"We can never ignore muggles. Ignoring them will not make them go away."

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Beth gulped and watched with her heart in her throat as the man tormented her classmates. She wanted to give everyone a hug. What was wrong with this guy? She'd never been so scared in her life, and she was supposed to be a Gryffindor for Merlin's sake.

The tiny girl had been quiet up until that point, attempting to blend in against the wall and avoid his first question, afraid of what would happen if she gave her real answer. It's not like she hated muggles, it wasn't their fault they had no magic.

Granted, she didn't really uh...CARE...for the muggle way of life. Everything was so much easier with magic, but she didn't hate them because they were muggles. She didn't hate anything. And she knew a lot of nice muggles. And she even went to a muggle primary school. AND muggle sweets were way yummier than wizard sweets.

But Rosier was out of his mind and she really wanted to make it to her twelfth birthday, she wanted them all to make it to their next birthdays. She hoped nobody said anything stupid.

"Sir, k-killing all muggles would be too much work since there's a lot of muggles. So, maybe...maybe we can put all of the muggles in one community where they'd be totally isolated and couldn't ever come into contact with magical society? And the ones who already know about magic could have their memories erased."

She took a deep breath and looked at her shoes. I'm so so so sorry Miguel.

"You're thinking too short term. If we locked them in a community, we would need ongoing security to keep them there. We would have to maintain their society. It would require a lot of upkeep. In the end, I trust even you could see killing them would be far easier and relatively quicker."

Wouldn't be too hard, in truth. They just had to know how to go about it.

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When Headmaster Rosier walked over to press his wand against Ashley's chin threatening to kill her if they didn't all answer his questions Bella wanted to scream, lash out with her wand and just do something to show how wrong and horrible this terror method of teaching was in her mind. Bella did not do that she just kept up a 'good pureblood' student appearance as she answered quickly and to the point hoping that Apollo and everyone else would forgive her words later. She did this to survive and be smart. "We want to keep the magical blood lines pure and sacred in our world and to do that we have start by banning all marriages and fraternization and resulting children between mudbloods and wizards. If we really want to eradicate all muggles from our society then we should start with killing off their leaders and what better way to do that than by burning them on the stake like they did our ancestors many years ago because they were afraid of magic."

This pureblood was proving to be a good student. Colour him impressed.

"I like the way you're thinking. Keep that up and there may very well be a spot for you inside the alliance."

On a whole, the children were not good at falling in line unless someone put a wand to their throat. However, this one seemed like a good candidate for indoctrination. He would wait to see.

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Avalon couldn't believe what she was hearing. And seeing. This was an absolute nightmare. But at least everyone else seemed to be speaking up now. Even the Muggleborn students. So they would obviously understand if Avalon went along with it too, right? She didn't want to get herself killed (though it looked like poor Ashley was headed in that direction), and Rosier's death glares were enough to scare her into answering the next question.

"Try to get rid of as many of them as possible so that we can cut off all communication with them. We don't want any bloodlines mixing, like Bella said. Muggles shouldn't be allowed to communicate with wizards anymore. They are not.....worthy," she said, trailing off a bit at the end, hardly believing the words that were coming out of her mouth. If it weren't for Muggle and wizard lines mixing, Avalon wouldn't even exist. "Maybe by just causing some unexplained disasters, their population could be heavily reduced."

She squeezed her hands into fists nervously, hoping that her grandparents and Muggleborn friends would understand why she had to play along.

Huh, perhaps the former prefect wasn't entirely useless afterall.

"I like the way you think, Sinclair. In history, disasters have been some of the greatest population reducers. They can be natural or magical, it really doesn't matter by much." The muggles could seldom tell the difference.

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Coby had answer ready for the headmaster, but he didn't verbalise it. Putting his wand away and not looking at the horrors around him seemed better if he didn't want to end up like Kale. And Coby really didn't want to end up like Kale. He might pee, like the first year, and he really didn't want to pee in front of everyone like that.

So he stood there, with his head down, really regretting the added muscle on his person when last year he could have been overlooked so easily. The fifth year strongly considered just not saying anything the entire class when Headmaster Rosier put a wand to Ash's throat. Her THROAT. He's GOING TO KILL HER.

He struggled listening to people's answers. He still wasn't over Nem's previous answer, but Nem probably didn't mean it. Hopefully. Anyway. Wracking his brain for something, anything, Coby finally found his voice. "We.. we could expand the magical community. Make the muggles magic." Of course, Coby had no idea if that was even possible - it probably wasn't - but it was the first thing he had thought of and as long as they answered, nobody would die, right?



"Were you dropped on your head as a child?" Make the muggles MAGICAL???? Of all the absurd responses...this one probably took the cake. "They should be eradicated, not uplifted in any way. Don't forget that. We're not here to help them."

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As if the way the Evil Headmaster looked at her when she didn't answer the previous question wasn't enough, he was hurting someone again. Ash. One of her housemates. Her blue eyes shone with unshed tears. What was he going to do to her?! How was she meant to focus on a lesson and answer questions she didn't agree with when he was being so vile and disgusting towards them all?!

It was really hard to pull all of her thoughts together in an attempt to give some sort of answer that would hopefully be suitable enough to please this guy. Though it seemed to her young mind that not much was going to do with that unless they all agreed with him.

Dahlia inhaled deeply, holding the breath for several seconds before letting it out slowly. Her hand slowly raising to give an answer that she wasn't proud of. "We could ca-cause some sort of battle between them? Huge wars maybe. Th-that way they would take themselves out." It might not have been the best thought but it was the best she could think of right now.

Another for causing a war. While he appreciated the attempt at thinking...

"That would unnecessarily destroy infrastructure we also make use of. While a war would relieve us of the heavy lifting, it would require obscene amounts of clean up." The kind that was not worth the effort.

Muggles were not worth that effort.

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This was just out of hand and these people were just cray. This would be a good time for one of her cousin's crazy muggle superheroes to come and save the day, where were they? She thought back to the very few times her Uncle came around them and his children. He had married a muggle and so far their kids hadn't shown signs, but one, but it was still odd being around them.

Gemma didn't really want to answer and so many others did, was he really going to harm Ashley or was he faking? She eyed the man a bit before finally putting up her hand. "I don't think it should be thought about as a one and done sort of thing. Why not get pay back for all the years we have had to hide, all the years we were considered wrong. I think start with their leaders and curse them so that they can do our bidding, we could make muggles do things for us. They could become pets so to speak or maids." Then they wouldn't die, but they could use them for other things.

"The banning of marriages could help, but you know some will sneak and do it anyway. That's what people do. So controlling the minds of the muggles you can make sure that couldn't happen either."

"An interesting suggestion coming from you, I'll admit." Enslaving the muggles was tempting, extremely so. They would get some sort of payback and for a while, he imagined it would feel good.


"Containing them will require far more than simply killing them." They were looking for a better world, not a harder one.

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See this? THIS was why they shouldn't have been carrying on like they had a death wish. It didn't surprise the little girl that Rosier had moved on to death threats. He'd been warning them the whole time and they were acting like if they were rude enough he'd back down. Big surprise he just upped the ante.

There was a lesson here. Emmerson hoped everyone else who was trying to die was learning. So far, it seemed that way. At least now they weren't giving answers guaranteed to make him angry.

The Second Year unnervingly calm. She was starting to see what was required, and it was remarkably easy to deliver. It was just an answer to a question. Nothing to get killed over. Hardly worth it.

Emm took out some parchment and began writing. When she was done, she held it up for the man to see.

He nodded at Cambridge, pleased she seemed to have calmed down considerably. There was no need for dramatics--as the girl was often known for. If everyone calmed down and did what they needed to, this would go a whole lot smoother.

"Correct, they tend not to focus too much on the causes of "natural" disasters. It would be a good cover."

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Everything was terrible.

She had no mouth. Mavis' brother was unconscious. Ashley Fox had a wand to her throat. And every single answer from her classmates made Kinsay feel sick. It's the stay-home-from-school-and-cuddle-stuffed-animals-while-dad-made-you-soup kind of sick.

And though Ashley Fox had sort of been asking for it, Kinsay didn't want her DEAD.

So the terrified second year wasted no time in grabbing some parchment and her quill. But... But what was she supposed to write down? Muggles weren't abhorrent, she didn't really believe that. She wouldn't exist without muggles. She paused for a long while, listening to the answer's of her peers before finally scribbling an answer of her own.


"We could send them away, yes. That would, however, require greater resources and time than offing them."

Surely a girl as clever as her could see why one option would be favoured over the other.

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Nem had never had a particularly high opinion of their peers. Had never been all that willing to refer to them as their 'peers', even, when it was clear they were not remotely on the same footing. As a group, those kids could Darwinism without breaking a sweat.

Whatever. Point was, Nem still saw no reason to re-evaluate their initial judgement, other than to lower their estimations even further.

Points though. Nem would take those; though they were interested in more than house points, it was, at least, a sign that they were on the right path. Unlike... others.

They watched with vague interest as Rosier grabbed up that flap-jawed second year, and took her hostage. Now would be a good time for someone to give a stupid answer - Nem had always wanted to be able to see thestrals in person - but if anything would stop that nonsense, this might. The thought occurred to them to give one such answer themselves, just to see, but they entertained that thought only briefly before letting it pass them by. That wouldn't help them at all; Nem did a lot of things, but self-sabotage was not one of them.

In any case, they'd probably be able to see thestrals before the year was out, the way things were going, so it hardly mattered today. Serious answer it was, then. Nem raised a hand.

"Subversion of the system," they said, referring back to their previous answer. "For starters, anyway. It works best if it's top down: take control in the major institutions, make it global, then flip it. Going world-wide reduces the risk of outside intervention from muggle-sympathisers." It was tempting to go into much deeper detail as to the details and the 'how's, but Nem suspected it wouldn't go over too well, if they unintentionally got too close to verbalising the truth of the situation before Rosier and his friends made their next move. Perhaps it didn't matter, perhaps they'd already made it, but it paid to be sort of careful these days, even while trying to be thorough. They reeled the rest off as a list. "Criminalise interactions between the magical community and muggles, educate and re-educate properly in wizarding schools, and make those schools compulsory. Focus on replenishing and uplifting wizarding and pureblood populations - going global will make that easier too - stamp the muggles down. Deal with those who don't comply, whoever they are. Remove anyone who's a problem, or likely to be one. It might take time, and it's probably wiser to go steady, but soon we'll outnumber them, and those that survive will quickly learn that to be a threat is to die, and to comply is to benefit from the new order."

Listen. Nem wasn't saying they'd fantasised and made hypothetical plans about world domination from time to time, but they were also not not saying that.

"You are an absolute delight." Had he ever said this to Upstead before? Probably not, but Upstead was seeing the big picture. This student understood strategy and had essentially outlined the alliance's current model.

It was almost scary how impressive this student was. A unicorn among thestrals.

Truly a blessing.

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Dear Merlin, what in the name of all that was holy was going on here. His mother was a muggle .. there was nothing wrong them at all, nothing, but Blake being the most unSlytherin there was, couldn't go against the grain ... He didn't want to cause trouble with this guy ... but how on earth could he possible say bad things about muggles. "I mean well, obviously they don't do magic, which makes them less cool then us." There .. that wasn't anything less then he had said to his own mother in the past, but to her to was a tease and a joke between them, not the cult leader bashing them ....

And didn't like wizarding history show that this take over had been tried before and didn't work? Like several wizarding wars had been fought over this exact topic and issue. "Well they rely a lot on their technology, could start by taking that out."

"Funny you should say that." And that was all he would be saying about that for now. It wouldn't do to give the surprise away before they got there.

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Valencia just stared. What kind of sick person thought that taking over children with a name that implied so loose an association as alliance was a good idea?

Clearly they needed a new PR person.

Not that they'd last that long. This was insane. It possibly couldn't last that long. This had failure written all over it. However, the amount of damage that they could cause was clearly an issue.

"A class system would be the most beneficial option." she suggested. "Everyone has their usefulness and there are plenty of things that are..." she swallowed hard, feeling poisoned by the own words coming out of her mouth. "... beneath certain people. Why stoop to doing those jobs yourself?"

"While I agree there are jobs better suited to muggles, that would require letting them live. As you can well imagine, we can't possibly have that." The alliance had come a long way to get to the high places they now operated in.

It was not a party made overnight for giggles. Death sent a better message.

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Of course she could think more. But Claudine didn’t see the need to reply with untruths about how she felt about Muggles nor did she feel the need to speak up for them. Especially when Rosier was so vicious. In horror, she watched on as he terrorised Ashley. While the Snakette didn’t care much about humans in general, there were a handful of persons here that she cared about. Just the thought of Rosier holding his wand to Heath’s throat, or Curtis' or Avalon's terrified her. The man was ruthless and would do whatever to get his way.

Claudine didn’t want to answer. She really didn’t want to but Rosier was demanding that they did. Her hand reluctantly went up. “To add to what that first year {Bethani} said, we can round them up and let the dementors have them.’’ Oh, gosh. She hated herself for saying that. She didn’t mean it one bit.

The Snakette avoided meeting anyone’s eyes, especially Heath’s. The non magical side of his family were the Muggles she possibly interacted the most with as of recent and currently.

Huh. "Not a bad idea actually. Some terror on the way out and less work for us. Yes, I like the way you're thinking, Blaze. Keep it up."

It was in her best interest to, even if she didn't mean it. Merlin knew half these kids didn't--most...most didn't, but that mattered little to the man.

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Cal was horrified. Except maybe that wasn't strong enough a word. He didn't know of any word to properly describe just how truly truly horrible this all was. Instead, he just stood and stared at the Ravenclaw girl, wishing he could help her.

And now they all had to answer or Scary Headmaster would make things somehow even worse. Cal didn't want to witness any of that.

He listened to the other students who went before him, realising that some of them had far too detailed answers, clearly they had thought about these things before. WHY couldn't they let things stay as they were???

He took a shaky breath and stared down at his feet, not wanting to look the Scary Headmaster in the eye ever again. "We in villages away from them...?" That sounded like an option where his granda would be safe and well and so would his uncles and cousins and and and- Breaaaathe. Cal took another shaky breath. It was okay, they couldn't actually hurt his granda. or could they?????



"What?" No, really, what even? "We are done running and isolating ourselves for peace! We will not longer hide in the shadows while they take centre stage."

Not they would not go live in villages. They tried that. It didn't work.

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Well...there had gone Adam's plan to stay silent all term.

Adam wished he had tried to stop Ashley, as he knew all too well just how painful things could get if you tried to mess with these guys. The desire to speak out and try and do something was still STRONG in his brain, but his desire to like...LIVE was a lot stronger.

He gulped softly and raised his hand. "Could you like...make it illegal to help muggles in any capacity? No aid, no healing them out of the kindness of your could kind of just let them die out," he said softly, with much less gusto than he usually had in class.

Well, there was no denying what that form had been asking them...

"That certainly would allow eradicating them sooner, yes. While we work, it could prove bothersome to have someone on the sidelines helping them out. Good." When the boy wasn't being a pain in his rear, he was capable of clear thinking.


"I trust we're all on the same page now. Do yourselves a favour, do what you're told and we'll live in relative peace. Don't be so eager to meet up with the bright green lights." Did he believe them? No. It did not matter, not for now anyway.

With a flick of his wand, the dummies to either side of the room were now fully clothed and looking a little less like devil!dummies.

"Let's continue on this new path of obedience. Don't make me have to get you lot in line again. Next time, I won't tell you who. Someone will just....drop." Lucien released Fox, shoving her away from him with some amount of force. "We will be moving on to the main portion of the lesson. You will be practising the exploding charm, "Bombarda" today. Practice will be done on the dummies." No back talk, just action. "They will, of course, be animated as there's no reason to have you practising on still targets. By the end of this, you should have blown up at least one but I don't advise settling for the bare minimum."

Another flick of his wand and it seemed they were transported from the duelling arena. Now, they were on a nice little promenade overlooking the sea. Several chairs were sat along the walk way, along with a few vendor shops. By all indications, it was a pleasant little scene.

The dummies moved to take up positions in this scene. Some sat at tables with coloured umbrellas, some stood on either side of the food stalls. Dummies walked with smaller dummies, some even holding them in their arms. Precious little baby dummies. Just...the perfect little peaceful moment....of muggle life he expected them to destroy.

It would be practice for a later time.

"The incantation is "bombarda" and the wand movement involves triangular movement, like so." He demonstrated. "Start." Oh, before he forgot, the four whose mouths he'd taken (Kinsay, Emmerson, Aries and Atlas) were given the privilege of getting them back. They better not make him regret it.

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